Hardcore Superstar – Wild Boys (single)

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Hardcore Superstar – Wild Boys (single)
2005, Gain/BMG
Rating: 3.5/5

If you haven’t heard the band before I can tell you that they play glam/sleaze rock’n’roll of high quality, they debuted in 2000 with BAD SNEAKERS AND A PINA COLADA, after that followed THANK YOU (FOR LETTING US BE OURSELVES) in 2001 – an album that was over-produced. After that came NO REGRETS in 2005 where the original sound was restored a bit and it sounds like WILD BOYS have taken the guys another step back to their original sound. WILD BOYS is an excellent choice of single and it’s glam/sleaze rock’n’roll at its absolute best. The song is really catchy and sticks instantly to your brain. The production is dirty and raw and Silver’s guitar playing has never sounded better.

The second song on this CDS is the same track again but now recorded in another version in pre-production, the only thing that’s different between the two versions are that the production sounds slightly thinner on the second track. It’s pretty boring to hear the same song two times, I rather have something exclusive as a second track instead of a less better recording of the same track.

This is an excellent preview of what we can expect of the forthcoming album and I really hope that the world is going to open their eyes to this Swedish glam/sleaze act because they really deserve it.

Wild Boys
Wild Boys (pre-production)


Jocke Berg – lead vocals
Martin Sandvik – bass, b-vox
Adde – drums, b-vox
Silver – guitar, b-vox