Bad Way – From Zero to Hero

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Bad Way
From Zero to Hero

2005, Roc.K Records
Rating: 3/5

Hailing out of Barcelona, Spain this 5 piece unit delivers some great 80’s inspired rock and roll. While keeping closse to the 80’s they do incorporate a dose of newer music into their sound thus creating an interesting overall sound.

The first single “Cocaine” is an upbeat rocker with some great drumming and guitar playing. Singer Marc Vanway has some sort of familiarity to his voice but you just can’t pinpoint what it is that is so familiar. Does he sound like someone else?? He has an excellent voice and it really shows on a few songs.

While some of this disc is quite good and filled with 80’s fuelled rock there are however a few places where it turns for the worse. On a few tracks the modern rock influence is too pronounced and buries the old style of playing. This does not suit the band at all and what could’ve been one excellent disc falls short because of it.