Decapitated / Neuraxis / Fuck The Facts / Paroxysm at Club Saphir, Montreal.

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Decapitated/Neuraxis/Fuck The Facts/Paroxysm

Club Saphir, Montreal.  December 7, 2005

Reviewed by Oursenplus



Before the show, I went to Profusion (metal store) to check out metal CDs and I learned that Decapitated would do an in-store signing/picture session. So I stayed and I met them. They’re all very nice guys, very easy to talk to. I talked a lot with Vogg and Vitek, asking them how was the tour doing, their influences, etc. Hell, I could have done an interview, but didn’t have any recording device. Too bad.


After the signing session was over, I went to eat hot-dogs and directly went to the club, a very small metal club. It always takes LOTS of time to enter this club. The doors opened at 7:30 and I entered the club at 8, despite the fact I was about 20th in line.

Anyway, on to the show. The band to begin the party was a local band from Montreal called Paroxysm. They played a kind of brutal death-metal, a la Cephalic Carnage. Very good stuff, good riffs and lots of energy on stage. The singer looked like a psychotic serial murder and his stage acts were in the same vein.

Next was a band from Ottawa called Fuck The Facts. They also play death metal but their material had a little something out of ordinary. They were not so brutal and much more melodic than Paroxysm. They also had a (very cute) female singer for those who might be interested in checking them out… 🙂

I was there to see Decapitated and Neuraxis and boy did both band unleash hell upon the metalheads in Club Saphir. Neuraxis are a local band from Quebec and they play ultra-technical brutal death metal. Good lord.


I’ve never quite seen anything like this. Myself being a musician, these guys really impressed me as they are surgeons on their instruments. Plus, they manage to headbang their heads off while doing it, particularly the bassist. That guy is a constant wall of hair, I think I saw his face three times during the show. Anyway, Neuraxis didn’t disappoint me and anyone who calls himself a death metal fan should check ’em out.


It was finally time for DECAPITATED and their second show in Montreal in three nights. Being in the very first “row” of the small venue, my knees suffered a lot as the moshers let all hell break loose at the same time Decapitated played the first notes of “Three Dimensional Defect”. This being my favorite Decapitated song, I was happy they began the show with it. As I expected, these guys are very tight and always  spot on. Sometimes I thought I was listening to their CD. The show consisted of a “best-of” of their three albums. They did only the best tracks while supporting their latest “The Negation”.

On stage, Vogg (guitars) and Martin (bass) are walls of hair. Covan (vocals) strangely looks like Corpsegrinder both physically and in his stage acts. Vitek (drums) is one hell of a pounder on CD and he’s even more impressive live.

The crowd was really into it as I previously mentioned. Lots of moshing and headbanging. I’ve rarely seen a little crowd like this get so wild. After “Sensual Sickness”, Decapitated left and the crowd chanted “ENCORE!” and they came back to perform “Perfect Dehumanisation”. Decapitated came, saw and conquered.

Overral, this was one of the best shows that I’ve seen in 2005 and I recommend that every death metal fan to check out these bands.

Three Dimensional Defect
The Fury
The Negation
Lying and Weak
Spheres of Madness
Winds of Creation
Mother War
Sensual Sickness
Perfect Dehumanisation


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