Anathema : December Nosturi Helsinki

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The 15th Of December 2005
Nosturi Club Helsinki

Review and pics by Arto Lehtinen

The long time British melancholic progressive rock combo Anathema haven’t made a visit to Finland for a long time ago as the last time when Anathema did a festival date was back in the summer of 1999. So it was about time for them to make a three gig tour cross Finland. The three gig tour of Anathema had been waited anxiously amongst the fans as the tickets for the first two shows sold like hot cakes. But above all the sold out Nosturi club in Helsinki was definitely a piece of evidence the Finns have definitely not abandoned or forgotten Anathema at all.

The Brits started the night by offering a few drinks to people being in the frontline, presumably a class of red wine, which was quite quickly picked away by a security guy. The vocalist Vincent Cavanagh, having dressed up an entire white custom, got down on his knee and stared at the packed club and cheering audience for a while. Meanwhile the other Cavanagh brother set his guitar around his neck and the crowd got prepared to experience a two hour journey to the mystical world of Anathema.


The four piece kicked the two hour musical journey off by offering an unforgettable trance of enigma experience by beginning the set with a new brand new tune called “Shroud”, which is likely to be on the forthcoming next studio output. In general the night’s set had brilliantly and above all equally been built to cover the most essential and wellknown songs of Anathema mostly picked up from the latest four albums such as ALTERNATIVE 4, JUDGEMENT, FINE DAY TO EXIT  and of course the latest studio effort titled A NATURAL DISASTER. Obviously the main core of the band, the Cavanagh bros, view those last four studio album as the way that Anathema should sound. However it is kind of important to note Vincent Cavanagh took over the vocal duties on THE SILENT ENIGMA. However the set was continued by a medley of “Forgotten Hopes” and “Destiny” and to the surprise of most people they played the old “Sleepless” song from their second studio album “SERENADES”  and of course the packed club was entire spellbound by the songs. The band didn’t communicate that much with the audience and instead let the music speak for itself.

As for Vincent’s voice, to be honest he sounded absolutely fantastic thru the whole gig as his capability to use his wide range of the voice in different types of songs of Anathema worked absolutely well. His voice didn’t collapse nor facing any kind of dying down. Vince definitely livened up on the stage by sacrificing his own guitar on his knees and received a tremendous cheering from the audience. Whereas Daniel mostly remained at the right side of the stage and focused on the playing and let the brother control the audience. The drummer’s, John Douglas, lovely sister Lee Douglas stepped on the stage to do a few songs. Apparently the male audience fell in love at the first sight at the drummer’s sister as a couple of funny proposal suggestions were shouted all of a sudden which brought a large smile to Lee’s faces.
The band’s atmospheric and even melancholic music suites absolutely well to the Finnish mentality as the general atmosphere of the club could be described being in some kind of harmonical trance thru the whole astonishing two hours when the four British guys created one hell of a great evening.

The two hour journey in the Anathema world got a little bit surprising, when a couple of not-so-typical cover tunes bewitched the Finnish metal freaks. The covers were Portishead’s “Glory Box” and then the last song of the night , which definitley crowed the evening, was Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”. Even though the venue was more or less packed by hundreds of metalheads those cover tunes were approved and above all welcomed with warm and massive applaudes.

Anathema proved that they are one hell of a great progessive and modern rock band on the stage and they have fought thru years to gain the bigger success. Unfortunatly their previous label Music For Nations went out of business, therefore it would be a crime for some label not to sign them and immediately. Anathema will be doing a series of gigs in The UK as an opening act for H.I.M in April, go and check out them as you won’t get disappointed.

Fragile Dreams
Forgotten Hopes
Lost Control
Leave No Trace
Inner Silence 
One last goodbye
A Natural Disaster
Parisienne Moonlight
One Day
Temporary Peace
She Said She Said
Glory Box
Anne Further
Comfortably Numb
(taken direct from the set list)

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