Candemass Live at KB in Malmö Sweden 2005

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Hellhoundz of Doom and Thrash European Tour 2005
20/11 – 2005

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Live pics: Anders Sandvall



This night at KB was totally dedicated to Thrash and Doom metal with both the legendary Destruction and Candlemass on stage, their support acts, that I didn’t pay any attention to, were a Finnish act called Deathchain and After All from Belgium. Halfway throughout the tour After All was replaced by Perzonal War from Germany.

Before the explosive metal tour package came to Sweden they had already visited a few countries in Europe as well as the rest of Scandinavia except for Denmark which they didn’t play in at all. The tour lasted one month and the day after this gig it was Germany’s turn to take part in these mind-blowing acts. The Finnish metal-rules team have already covered this tour when it landed in Finland but I focus on the Swedish founders of Doom Candlemass.

When I met the guys earlier during the day Messiah said the guitarist Mats wasn’t going to make it to the show due to personal problems therefore the band was going to play with only one guitarist, just like they did in Gothenburg the day before, and I was really curious of how that was going to sound.




It was time to see one of my all time favorite thrash acts Destruction. Unfortunately there weren’t hardly any people there to see the show, only about 150-200 had come to KB so the crowd was really lame during the whole Destruction gig until Messiah entered the stage to sing with Schmier in “The Alliance of Hellhoundz”. The only headbanging people in the audience during the Destruction set was the brave young guys that stood in front of the stage the whole night. There was’t any age limit so when I write young fans I do mean YOUNG fans.


Marc – b-vox
Schmier – lead vocals, bass
Mike – guitar



Schmier really tried to get the crowd going through all of the 80 minutes the band played but that failed even though the band served us both the old classic songs as well as newer ones from the new album INVENTOR OF EVIL.


Soul Collector
Nailed To The Cross
Mad Butcher
Unconscious Ruins
The Ritual/Antichrist
The Defiance Will Remain
Thrash Till Death
Confused Mind
Life Without Sense
Metal Discharge
Eternal Ban
Curse The Gods
Total Disaster


The Alliance of Hellhoundz




When it was time for Candlemass to start the stage had been framed by a huge backdrop with the band logo on it along with smaller backdrops in front of the amps as well as two white crosses on each side of the drums that lit up. The crowd woke up just when the lights went out and the band, all except for Messiah, entered the stage. First came:

Jan Lindh – drums
Lars Johansson – guitar
Leif Edling – bass

And when the intro to “ Mirror, Mirror” was over Messiah Marcolin came out on stage and the crowd went crazy. I don’t know if Mats is going to be missed on the other shows that follows but he sure wasn’t on stage this evening.



Messiah didn’t have to work so hard to get the crows going, it only took him a few cheers and headbangs to get the people wild, but with thought of this is the first time in 16 years since the band was in Malmö is wasn’t so strange. He invited us to sing along in the songs, and he encouraged us to scream and wave our hands with the music, Messiah sure is one of the greater entertainer Swedish music have at the moment.

The show went on with songs like “Bewitched” and “Solitude” which is old classics, he asks the audience if they had bought the bands new album and of course screamed the crowd yes and the band followed with playing “Black Dwarf” and “Copernicus” taken from the new album. Messiah did his famous doom dance in “Dark Are The Veils Of Death” and after that came “The Well Of Souls” and “Born In A Tank”.

Messiah and Leif took care of the big space on the stage and the guitarist Lars mostly stood still on his side the gig through. Because the band doesn’t play in Denmark he asked if any Danes were in the crowd and he got great response on that and he started to talk some weird version of Danish. The band looked great together and sounded really tight, but Mats was missed. Doom metal needs a full and bombastic guitar sound which they couldn’t achieve with only one guitar.




Because of their long songs they didn’t play more than 11 songs, the set ended with “Assassins Of The Dark” but the crowd wanted more so they called out the guys for encore.  As an encore the band did “Crystal Ball” and with that the show ended. Messiah thanked everyone for coming and told us that he had a really good time and said that they were going to come down to the merchandise stand and sign autographs. At first I thought he was only joking but believe it or not a few minutes later I see the guys standing there signing to fans, talk about a caring band and it means a lot to a fan if their favorite band can spare them a minute. Not many bands do that today.




This evening was a total exercise in how excellent thrash and doom metal should be played. Candlemass did an awesome show even though I’d wished for a little more of the newer material, but the older classics still work today. I really hope that Mats teams up with the guys really soon because they need that second guitar. It was also sad that so few came to witness these icons, Malmö can do better than that.


Otherwise it was a great show and it’s always fun to see Messiah and the guys in action, they are one of Sweden’s finest acts ever in their genre.


Thanks to Ole Bang, the tour-manager, for the help and the assistance during the show.

Thanks to Lars Criss at Escapi Music and thanks to Niklas “Hobbe” Andersson at Sound Pollution for helping me getting press/photo pass as well as letting me interview Leif Edling.

And again, thanks to the always nice crew at KB.


Mirror Mirror
Black Dwarf
Dark Are The Veils Of Death
The Well Of Souls
Born In A Tank
Assassin Of The Dark


Crystal ball

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