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Reviewed: January 2006
Released: 2005, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Some pretty damn strong, symphonic Black Metal stuff here. Finland´s own messengers of all unholy and unpure, Thyrane has reached their 5th full-length long player in their career and by far, if not their best album, then at least their most satisfying 11-song effort in my opinion anyway.

It´s been 2 years since these Black Metal heroes´ last album HYPNOTIC (which I remember kicking my nuts somewhat hard, too – being a more experimental yet more industrial sounding effort from them), and even if many bands seem to ´grow out´ of the sound sometimes we have loved and adored in them, Thyrane fortunately isn´t one of them – thank Satan! The band still has remembered to rely on nicely flowing symphonic parts and some cool riffing in their new songs on TRAVESTY, kind of without loosing this certain flow of a well thought-out song structure for a short moment; trying to keep it as catchy and memorable as possible ´til the dusk of dawn. And they have done a jolly good job at it, too. The songs on TRAVESTY overall have enough air below them to carry them out on that certain level where a listening pleasure should be quaranteed even for the most devoted Black Metal purist. The band´s only female in the line-up, hiding behind a mysterious nickname ´HM´ – and playing the keyboards in Thyrane, has succeeded in incorporating some nicely catchy atmostpheres here and there for the songs, so she has surely earned her place in these malicious sounding Black Metallers´ camp.

A good thing about this release is that Thyrane has still managed to sound from themselves on TRAVESTY, having their own \”made by Thyrane\” -stamp branded to the songs which has always been a case with them. They only tend to copy themselves; and not other bands, so there´s no need to make any comparisons to them. Ok, I admit on TRAVESTY the band has their moments when they do remind a bit of bands like Emperor, Satyricon and especially Old Man´s Child, but doesn´t all good Black Metal sound a bit like all those 3 aforementioned bands? It´s like you reminding of your father, your father reminding of your grandfather, your long-gone grandfather reminding of… whatever. But you get the point- right?

Nope, I don´t hear your requests for introducing the songs on TRAVESTY in any better or detailed way. But however, instead of that I suggest you to do a favor for yourself if you just happen to appreciate a good and well-crafted Black Metal in your unholy books. Thyrane´s latest opus TRAVESTY OF HEAVENLY ESSENCE might well be worth of your time…


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Track Listing:
01. Parasites of Submission
02. Decay of Christian Empire
03. Travesty of Heavenly Essence
04. Nox Diaboli
05. Legacy of Saints in Disguise
06. Deteriorated
07. Truth Revealed
08. Tolerance
09. Divinity Under Will
10. Prisoner of Pain
11. Lost in Reflection

Daemon – bass
HM – synth
Kristonic – drums
Blastmor – vocals & guitars