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Reviewed: January 2006
Released: 2005, I Hate Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A sequel for the German thrashers Protector´s ECHOES FROM THE PAST (released in 2003 via the Swedish I Hate Records) CD continues in another chronologically made compilation titled OMINOUS MESSAGE OF BRUTALITY, containing 17 songs all in all. The CD begins with 4 live numbers, recorded live in Braunschweig on the 1st of May 1989. The live sound is surprisingly good in all of these 4 songs. Up next follows the band´s 2nd full-lenght album titled URM THE MAD (released originally on Atom H in 1989) which CD -version also contained these aforementioned live tracks as bonus. It needs to be said in all honesty´s sake that URM THE MAD wasn´t as intense and brutal Thrash Metal package as the band´s previous two releases (MISANTHROPHY mini-LP in 1987 and the debut album GOLEM from Protector, unleashed in 1988; both released through Atom H, too), but it was still a decent effort to get a bunch of ears out for some well-done German Thrash Metal. Such songs on this particular release as \”The Most Repugnant Antagonist of Life\”, \”Quasimodo\” and \”Urm the Mad\” pretty much managed to rock my socks off of my feet, still sounding brutal, fast and heavy… the true Protector style! As for LEVIATHAN´S DESIRE (on Atom H in 1990; the original CD -version also including 3 bonus songs), it was a clear step from these 4 Wolfsburg-based German Thrash -heroes back to a more brutal, faster and more furious style. The band had found that same intense vibe back to their songs that they used to have in the past – and luckily they have not lost it again since this excellent 4-track mini-LP.

A relatively professional and well thought-out CD lay-out deserves to be both praised and butchered. The 24-page booklet – featuring lots of both pictures and lyrics – informative yet nicely written liner notes by the band´s vocalist Martin Missy, are a definite plus, but why was it printed with dark blue on the black background? But I´m glad there´s nothing else to complain about. This is a well-done collection of some of the oldest Protector -gems just like ECHOES FROM THE PAST was, so if you haven´t had a chance to get the band´s previous works for your collection for some reason or the other – just keep in mind how hard they may be to find nowadays, then OMINIOUS MESSAGE OF BRUTALITY should be an essential purchase for you, if German quality Thrash Metal is your cup of tea.


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Track Listing:
01. Kain and Abel
02. Omnipresent Aggression
03. The Mercenary
04. Apocalyptic revelations
05. Capitascism
06. Sliced, Hacked and Grinded
07. Nothing Has Changed
08. The Most Repugnant Antagonist of Life
09. Quasimodo
10. Urm the Mad
11. Decadence
12. Atrocities
13. Molotow Cocktail
14. Intro/Humanized Leviathan
15. Mortal Passion
16. Kain & Abel (extended version)

Michael Hasse(R.I.P.) – Drums
Martin Missy – Vocals
Oliver Wiebel – Vocals
Hansi Muller – Guitar
Eli Belichmeier – Bass