Necrodemon – HAUNTED EONS

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Reviewed: January 2006
Released: 1999, Reaper Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Does the band name Necrodemon ring a bell for any of you? It didn\’t for me either until I was contacted by the band. Necrodemon, starting out as a 3-piece band in late 1998 from Elkhart, Indiana, has already released one demo, two E.P.´s and two full-lenght albums. The band´s music has even been used in a few films and appeared on a few compilation CDs as well. The band members also claim hard their lifestyle is metal that they live by their hearts. They are sworn to metal…

In fact, all those lines above hold quite a lot of water as the guys do sound old school metal enough in order to keep a spark of interest smoking and flaming towards them. It´s been said that Necrodemon´s music doesn´t fall under one style and therefore they cannot be categorized. Well, to me they sound like a hybrid of heavy, mid-paced old school Thrash – and Death Metal most of time on the band´s debut full-lenght album HAUNTED AEONS – so at least now they have been categorized – whether they like it or not, ha! But seriously, the songs they have done for HAUNTED AEONS are all good, kind of representing the guys´ devotion and dedication to both ´80s-styled Thrash – and Death Metal very well. They have kept their song structures relatively simple, but have still managed to keep them somewhat catchy and interesting enough which is only a positive sign ´bout these guys´ song writing skills. As for drawing some influences to them as comparison, I guess it´s better to keep my mouth shut as it´s a bit unnecessary in their case. They surely have been influenced by plenty of different bands from the ´80s era of metal, so it´s a listener´s task to dig them out of Necrodemon´s songs on HAUNTED AEONS. They do a cover Death´s classic song \”Evil Dead\” on their debut, so there you got one of those bands that have influenced Necrodemon´s sound. Also, a song called \”Rape\” has a fair amount of Slayer´s \”Hell Awaits\” -vibes, being spred and wrapped around the song, so now you have already got like two names gathered together concerning these dudes´ main influences. Now aren´t I cool?

Still in sort of need of a well-executed old school Thrash/Death Metal? You might want to get some Necrodemon stuff for yourself then if I have read your recently written shopping list correctly… ;=)


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Track Listing:
01. Journey Through the Continuum…
02. …Mechanical Death
03. The Summoning
04. Drop Zone
05. Necromancer\’s Lair (Chant of Making III )
06. Betraying
07. Rape
08. Evil Dead (Death -cover)
09. The Asp

Rob Elliott – Guitar & vocals
Jeremy Montgomery – Bass
Aero Charles – Drums