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Reviewed: January 2006
Released: 2003, Reaper Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Necrodemon from Elkhart, Indiana, returns with their follow-up full-length album 4 years later… and only having the band´s guitarist and vocalist Rob Elliott left from the line-up they had on their previous album HAUNTED EONS. With this new line-up the band has also taken a major zombie walk towards a heavier yet more dynamic expression; we could nearly talk about a pure old school Death Metal release in ALLEGIANCE´s case as most of their songs on this release carry a weight of a dead corpse… well, I mean metaphorically speaking, of course!

With two guitarist in the current line-up, the band has overall brought things on a more satisfying level in which the guitars tend to support each other nicely; making the songs flow better and bringing in more balance and dynamics, thinking of it from the wholeness´ standpoint. And it´s not only because of the guitars why the band´s 2nd album stands out a slightly better than their debut HAUNTED EONS did for me. There´s a 4 years gap between these two particular releases, so naturally their song writing has improved quite a lot, too. At least I´m happy to announce in Necrodemon´s case it has luckily done so (thinking of bands like Slayer, Metallica, Pestilence, Obituary, etc. at the same time… uh, no!), so we don´t speak about any letdown album here by any means.

As far as the songs on ALLEGIANCE go, mostly the band relies on mid-paced, heavy parts in their songs that have been spiced up with occasional frantic, fast moments – I guess, basically to keep their songs on a more diverse and interesting level for listeners. A good example could be the 5th song on the album called \”Apparition\” which is served by all of those aforementioned elements. Also such songs off from ALLEGIANCE as \”Feed the Worms\” and \”The Meatwagon\” have both this tendency to keep things on a more varied level that only prove that this vicious bunch of metalheads under Necrodemon´s moniker doesn´t constantly watch their kids grow old, but have time to gather to band practices every now and the, too. Comparing this surprisingly pleasing old school Death Metal album to some other similar releases around, might not do much justice to anyone, but this time I´m gonna make an exception: Try to mix Viogression´s EXPOUND & EXHORT with some of the elements from the now defunct Canadian progressive deathsters Disciples of Power and… voila!, you have got ALLEGIANCE TO THE END.

I guess it´s also fair to mention that since the release of ALLEGIANCE TO THE END, the band has again undergone some line-up changes and have become a 3-piece band again, f.ex. recruiting the ex-Necrodemon member Jeremy Montgomery back to the forces again (for handling the bass duties). The band will be entering the studio on February 22nd to record their 3rd full-lenght album titled ICE FIELDS OF HYPERION which is gonna a concept album and should contain eleven new songs. So be prepared… the cold is coming!


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Track Listing:
01. Non-divine
02. Cthulu Mytho
03. Kingdom of Shadows
04. IV
05. Apparition
06. Death of Merlin (Chant of Making IV)
07. Feed the Worms
08. Prophet of Doom
09. The Meatwagon
10. Mord-Sith
11. Galactic Tomb

Rob Elliott – Rhythm + and lead guitars & vocals
Wes Mullvain – Bass guitar & coffin
Chuck Feldman – Drums & percussion
Matt Randall – Rhythm + lead guitars & keys