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Reviewed: January 2006
Released: 2005, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Formerly known as Acid Universe, and making two demos under that name, the technical Finnish metallers Naildown from Finland showed their sharp claws to the staff of Spinefarm Records as skilled song writers – and relatively soon after that got signed by them, too. The band´s 1st single, EYES WIDE OPEN, was recorded in the fall of 2004, featuring a Ramones cover \”Pet Sematary\”, and that particular single could be said to be a real head-start to the band to gain more recognition for themselves, at least in their own home country Finland.

After a few months Naildown entered a studio again, this time to record their debut full-lenght album titled WORLD DOMINATION, containing 10 songs full of nicely flowing and well-executed metal songs that at least did suprise me quite positively. Granted, rude mouths could sit on them for blaiming them just another C.O.B. -copy band which woul be kinda unfair yet even limitating for a band like Naildown´s as there´s just more than a handful of C.O.B. -elements in their music.

One of those things that keeps Naildown away from being ´just-another-C.O.B.-clone´ is all those clean vocal parts that use in each of their 10 songs on WORLD DOMINATION. And they don´t, the band´s shouter Daniel indeed does sound a lot like Alexi Laiho of C.O.B. One might even easily think mistakenly that it´s Alexi who shrieks all those non-clean vocal parts on Naildown´s debut. Daniel sounds, however, well-rehearsed and convincing with his voice, and yes, there´s always possibility that some poor people confuse him to Alexi.

However, what surprised me about this album the most positive way, were Daniel´s extremely catchy, crunchy and therefore enjoyable guitar parts. He seems to have a very good understanding how to shred – and just how to give a kick-ass credibility to the songs (songs like \”Hollow Syndicate\” and \”Fragile Side\” prove you that pretty well). He´s a very skilled and ambitious guitarist, no doubts. Also Jarmo´s somewhat flawless keyboard parts give a full support to the band´s song structures, making them breath even more whilst Harri´s sharp and thoroughly precise drum work gives a welcomed, extra kick to the songs. Sounds like a well-oiled machine, doesn´t it? Well, frankly that´s what they are indeed as a matter of speaking. Therefore I really cannot do anything else, but recommend you warmly to check this band out if you haven´t already done so. It´s quite likely that you might find some kick-ass value in them, too.

Naildown is a band of tomorrow whose paths of success are well lit up.


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Track Listing:
01. Reflecting My Descent
02. Prolong Your Fate
03. Hollow Syndicate
04. Evil Deeds
05. Next Infinity
06. Eyes Wide Open
07. Broken Down
08. World Domination
09. Fragile Side
10. Shining Throne

Matti Hämäläinen – Bass
Harri Heikkinen – Drums
Jarmo Puikkonen – Keys
Daniel Freyberg – Guitars & vocals