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Reviewed: January 2006
Released: 2005, I Hate Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Swedes strike positively again… This time it was the Swedish trio named Isole that hit me kinda hard by their debut album release on a small, independent Swedish label I Hate Records, offering 7 lengthy tunes of Epic Doom Heavy Metal that obviously many Doom Metal -fans should find appealing. And it´s actually not any wonder why the Swedish doomsters Isole receives lots of applauses and high-pitched screams of enthusiasm from Doom Metal -fans from every possible direction as Isole´s debut has this somewhat strange yet mystical tendency to be a well-crafted package that graps an attention of a listener somewhat easily and kind of never let you go after that… at least not for almost an hour which this album lasts. Even if this Swedish trio churns out lengthy tunes on FOREVERMORE, there´s absolutely no fillers on this release at all as every song seems to develop by itself toward those levels where Doom Metal is simply just captivating, sort of nailing down the ears of each individual listener who has an understanding for this type of, let´s say, ´dramatic-styled´ Doom Metal that has got lots of different feelings and emotions involved in it. And this is where this Swedish Doom trio is damn good at it. They have got prime ears for catching up some truly powerful yet nearly aweinspiring riffs and melody parts into their music, making it all to sound an unbreakable enjoyment for anyone with a sense for a fine and well-crafted Doom Metal.

At times, while going through the songs on FOREVERMORE, they remind an experienced listener of such forefront Doom Metal acts as Solstice, While Heaven Wept, My Dying Pride, Candlemass and the likes… but especially Solitude Aeturnus. They seem to have more than just a thing or two in common with the sirs in the Solitude Aeturnus -camp musically; having this certain recipe involved strongly with their song structures how their music tends to flow. You only need to listen to f.ex. such songs from them as \”Deceiver\” and \”Age of Darkness\” in order to notice and spot some of these similarities to Solitude Aeturnus´ stuff. Shouldn´t be that hard at all… ;=)

Need to add some fine and masterful Doom Metal into your collection? FOREVERMORE should be a somewhat excellent choice in that case then…


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Track Listing:
01. The Watcher
02. Deceiver
03. Age of Darkness
04. Forevermore
05. Premonitions
06. Beyond the Black
07. Moonstone

Bryntse – Drums & vocals
Crister – Guitars
Henka – Bass & screams