Veruca Salt – Lords of Sounds And Lesser Things

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Veruca Salt
Lords of Sounds And Lesser Things

2005, Velveteen Records
Rating: 2.5/5


Louise Post returns with new Veruca Salt songs but without Nina Gordon. Is this really worthy of being a VS album or is it just a Louise solo disc? Without the two of them together it is not Veruca Salt. Louise does appear to have been the main driving force behind the band but she needs Nina there to bounce off and give the CD that little extra that it needs to make it a VS offering.

The 6 tracks on this E.P. are good and naturally have some of that class Veruca sound to them. After a few spins nothing really reaches out and grabs you. They are like leftovers from the EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU disc from several years back.

If you are a die-hard VS fan then it’s a good buy, if you want the classic Veruca then cherish your old albums because this is not it. It is a pretty forgettable release.