The Thieves – Tales From The White Line

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The Thieves
Tales From The White Line

2005, Liquor And Poker Music
Rating: 3/5

This UK trio deliver some catchy Rock n Roll. While not overly original it is still quite good and well worth a listen. Having formed in the college town of Oxford the Brothers Stokes hooked up with drummer Jamie Dawson. They played a few local shows, made a demo and the BBC played it. The rest is history.

This record features 12 cuts of pure rock n roll energy. Similar to the Oasis debut in style and raw energy. Cuts like “Gimme Some Lip” and “Oh No” separate The Thieves  from the rest with it’s own twist on today’s rock music. With some interesting sounds and effects going on in the background it don’t defer from the overall sound, actually adds to it. While some artists tend to make the effects the main focus and music secondary this band does the opposite and does it like it should be done. The song “You Got It Easy” has a bit of The Cars influence during the opening segment but slightly turned up a notch. The title track features some great guitar riffs that are slightly distorted as well as a bit of Hammond Organ playing.

Having been called everything from AC/DC on acid, Pink Floyd on uppers and The Who on a pub crawl you know it has to be good.