Orange Sky – Upstairs

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Orange Sky

2005, Granite Records
Rating: 3.5/5

This debut CD from Trinidad’s Orange Sky fuses together Rock, metal and reggae thus creating a totally unique sound without being out in left field. The mix and production are extraordinary, everything is clear and it sounds amazing. This is the type of music that you’d want playing in the summer while out having a BBQ with family and friends; it has that feel good summertime groove to it.

The reggae influence is really prominent on a lot of the tracks, much is the case in the upbeat “Real Love”. It is just a small bit heavier than your average Bob Marly track. The vast majority of the songs on the CD are like this: upbeat rockers with an insane amount of bass.
There are only a couple of selections that are fillers and needed to be skipped over. It is a slightly different release in today’s world of sameness. They are all excellent musicians and hopefully this is just the beginning.