Jazan Wild – Carnival of Souls

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Jazan Wild
Carnival of Souls

2005, Markosia Music
Rating: 3/5

Opening with some “Atmosphere” of chants and tribal drums makes the listener wonder what is going to happen next. Within a minute the music kicks in then some interesting vocals start. All of the vocals, drums, guitar and bass are handled by Jazan himself as well as most of the keyboards. His vision for this album was well planned and thought out. On the first listen you will appreciate the time and work involved in this project.

Producer Bob Kulick does an excellent job capturing the mood and jungle-like atmosphere that is ever present on the album. There are a couple of tracks that really stand out on the CD. The first being the ballad “Rain” which is very calming and peaceful with the sounds of water in the background. The song picks up slightly toward the end for a minute then back to the mellow again. The other track that catches your ear is their cover of Kiss’ “Rock n Roll All Night”. It’s an updated version that is interesting without changing the original too much. Being a fan of originals and not covers I do have to say that this is one of the better ones.

This may not be for everyone but it is interesting and of very high quality.