Gamblin’ Crew – Lovehounds (From Hell)

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Gamblin’ Crew
Lovehounds (From Hell)

2005, Indie
Rating: 2.5/5


Hailing from a small village in Germany this 4 piece plays what they call “Poseurrock”, which is a cross between Glam and Rock. Despite their appearance this release is pretty good. Then again we can’t judge music on appearance.

An 80’s styled E.P. of songs about women, booze and sex. Great musicianship and decent vocals is not enough to set them apart from the rest. While the songs are all good and upbeat there is nothing that stands out. They have the drive and quality to make it but lack in originality. It is better than most of the stuff being released today for Rock Radio but it just gets lost in the shuffle. The potential is there if they just try a bit harder.