Fireball Ministry – Their Rock Is Not Our Rock

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Fireball Ministry
Their Rock Is Not Our Rock

2005, Liquor And Poker Music
Rating: 4/5


FM’s third release (and first for Liquor & Poker) is a hard driving rock release. The title is even a stab at trend followers who play whatever the flavour of the month is. Fireball Ministry is a refreshing reminder that real rock will never be put down.

In your face drums that are high in the mix coupled with some solid and melodic bass give your speakers quite the workout. From start to finish both instruments are just smokin’ and over the top. There is some great guitar on the disc but it takes a backseat as it is mixed too low. Musically you can compare them to early Sabbath meets Danzig. This is the general feel but there are several other subtle influences to be heard.

All the tracks are quite enjoyable and worth listening to. Nothing groundbreaking to be heard here but a good solid release nonetheless.