D.A.D Scare Yourself Alive Tour at KB-hallen in Copenhagen Denmark 2005

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By: Anders Sandvall

Guest Contributor: Ulrika Henriksson

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall





This was the first of two sold out shows the band did in their hometown Copenhagen and after those two gigs the band had only one show left before the one month long tour through Scandinavia ended. The evening had all the elements that was needed to be a success, a great album, a great band and a sold out venue jammed with enthusiastic fellow country men to the band and us two of course. It’s always an experience out of the ordinary to see the band at home and you could feel the tension already in the hallway.




A lot of people had already arrived when we came to the arena and we thought that D.A.D were going to have only one support act, to our surprise when we discovered it was two Danish acts we never heard about.Well, it was only for us to take another beer in anticipation of the evenings main attraction. To kill some time I talked to the security staff in front of the stage and they told me that I was only permitted to take pictures during the first two songs but after that I could take pics out amongst the crowd, that’s why I have included more pics in this review compared to the one I did in Malmö.


D.A.D started out at the middle of the 80’s as a country/punk act and their breakthrough came at the end of the 80’s with the party hardrock album JIHAD (NO FUEL LEFT FOR THE PILGRIMS) and the following RISKIN IT ALL. After that came the big grunge wave and the music went through drastically changed in many ways and sadly did D.A.D forgot their roots when it was time to release their album HELPYOURSELFISH which is the bands most boring album in my opinion. They did hop on the grunge ride but sadly they did it a few years too late and that ended up in their most disappointing album ever.  But fortunately the guys returned to their roots on SCARE YOURSELF and that album is one of the best releases this year.


Now back to the show, the stage was huge with three slopes that reached out to the audience. Laust on drums sat in front of an enormous backdrop with their logo the cowhead on it, halfway through the show they changed the backdrop to a newer cowskull logo with glowing eyes. Laust also had laser beams behind him and beside him stood a bunch of amps. In front of him ran Jesper, Jacob and Stig around and out onto the slopes, Stig and Jesper also climbed up on the amps and fooled around joking with the crowd.

The band is still:

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar
Jacob Binzer – lead guitar, b-vox
Laust Sonne – drums
Stigge Nasty – bass, b-vox

The crowd went crazy when the guys entered the stage and it looks like they still are as popular as always despite the long time they have been around. Just as in Malmö did the guys kick off the night with “Lawrence Of Suburbia” which maybe isn’t the ultimate song to kick off a show with, after that continued the show with “A Good Day To Give It Up” the second track of the new album.





The first set of the evening is once again dedicated to the newer songs and besides the ones already mentioned they played “Scare Yourself”, “Alright”, “Something Good”, “Soft Dogs” and “Home Alone”. During the second leg of the show came the old classical songs we all had been waiting on “Point Of View”, “Makin Fun Of Money”, “Isn’t That Wild” and in “Sleeping My Day Away” Jacob did a longer guitar solo. The crowd almost drowned the guys when it was time for “Sleeping My Day Away” and “Bad Craziness” where Jesper traditionally invited us to sing along with him. Stig took over the mic in “Riding With Sue” and Jesper and Laust did an amazing acoustic version of “Hate To Say I Told You So”. Even though they did a few slower songs the show didn’t loose tempo at all, and in my opinion was all of my favorite songs in the setlist.

Even though the band have been out on the road for a while you couldn’t see any signs of tiredness, all of the guys looked genuine happy and really glad to play for us this night, they fired off a lots of smiles and laughter but also pyro, smoke and fireworks. Just like last night took Stig out several of his two stringed bassguitars and it was really fun to see them once again. He mostly used his neon-yellow bass for some years now, watch out for his custom made olive bass on the pics.



The set list was pretty much the same as the previous night and the encores for this evening were again “Eviltwin” and an extra long version of “Overmuch” that held a drums solo by Laust where the drumkit and podium he sat on was pulled at the front of the stage, then Stig came out with his helmet that threw out sparks, compared to Kulturbolaget in Malmö KB-Hallen is big enough to use fires and flames in and it was fun to see that the guys actually had taken advantage of that.


After that came the Binzer brothers out on stage with each acoustic guitar around their neck, it could only mean one thing, it was time for “Laugh ‘n’ a ½” and the indispensable “It’s After Dark”. The crowd sang the entire first song by themselves and both Jesper and Jacob only plays and smiles when they stood there on stage. It must be an amazing feeling to hear 3000 people sing your song back to you. The audience also sang along with Stig in “It’s After Dark” but nothing can top “Laugh ‘n’ a ½”, after that ended the show, after nearly 2 hours, and we had witnessed another brilliant show with one of Denmark’s greatest acts ever. All the brilliant songs together with excellent light/sound, fireworks and great people in the audience made it all a night to remember and this was one of the greater concerts this year.



A tour through Denmark next summer is already planned and taking shape as I write this.

Thanks to Soren Gaden at EMI Denmark for help with the press/photo pass.

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Lawrence of Suburbia
A good day (to give it up)
Point of view
Scare yourself
Soft dogs
Home alone
Something good
Makin fun of money
Jihad (no fuel left for the pilgrims)
Riding with Sue
Hate to say I told you so (piano only)
Hey now
Everything glows
Sleeping my day away(guitar solo)
Bad craziness
Camping in Scandinavia

Encores 1

Overmuch (drum solo)

Encores 2

Laugh ´n´ a ½
It’s after dark

More info about the band