Crash Kelly – Penny Pills

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Crash Kelly
Penny Pills

2005, Liquor And Poker Music
Rating: 4.5/5

Originally released independently back in the fall of ’03, PENNY PILLS gets released in  2005 by the fine folks at Liquor and Roker Music. This is one of the best debuts to hit the streets this year.

Power pop with heavy drums and guitar. Cras Kelly is similar in style to the great glam bands like T.Rex, Slade, Mott The Hoople… as well as bands like Cheap Trick. They have great catchy songs with excellent grooves and melodies. Sean’s vocals are very similar to Marc Bolan but just different enough so it does not sound like he is imitating him. There is some really great guitar work throughout with some really great solo’s that do not get buried into the mix.

Songs like “Love Me Electric” & “11 Cigarettes” are just two of the many great upbeat rock tracks on the disc. Lyrically the songs are not so serious but not to the humourous point. Their storyline is slightly similar in vein to the classics of yesteryear. CK have that basic song structure that works so well but seems to be somewhat forgotten in today’s world of fabricated music that is pre-packaged by execs just to make a quick buck. These songs have melody and groove.

It is not often you can say ALL tracks on a album are good but in Crash Kelly’s case all the 10 originals and 2 covers are great. There is no filler here, just supercharged electrified Rock n’ Roll.