Steve Lukather & Friends – Santamental

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Steve Lukather & Friends

2005, Favored Nations
Rating: 4/5

Toto guitarist releases a holiday album chock full of appearances by legendary musicians. With performances by Slash, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen and a dubbed in vocal by Sammy Davis Jr. how could this miss?
Slightly different but pretty much keeping to tradition Steve & Friends record a great collection of holiday tunes. With bluesy styled guitar in places that are reminiscent of Jeff Beck and early Clapton to full on eclectic playing of Vai this is a diverse collection. One of the standout tracks on this release is the original “Broken Heart For Christmas” which is sure to be a favourite for years to come. With Slash helping out on guitar for this track it adds a modern rock sound to what may have been just another new xmas song. With it’s catchy chorus and bluesy guitar it fits in perfectly with your regular Rock n Roll record. Another standout is “Jingle Bells” which features sampled vocals by Sammy Davis Jr. This turns into a duet between Steve and Sammy which is a bit surreal. Definitely a bizarre take on the classic.
A great disc overall with some unique bits. While it may not be for all it is a decent collection for the season.