Bobnoxious – Ho Ho Ho

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Ho Ho Ho

2005, Wannabe Records
Rating: 5/5

London Ontario’s hottest new band releases this limited edition Christmas disc just in time for the holiday season. With only 1000 copies printed these will not last long so you will want to grab your copy right now.

With only 7 songs on this disc it is a tad too short but it is definitely a rockin’ release. There are a couple of Bob originals mixed in with their take on some of your favourite classics. There is everything from a medley of classics to alternate lyrics on classics to covers, add in their take on writing a xmas song and you got HO HO HO.

The disc starts out with a rocking medley of songs containing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Jingle Bells”. This will truly set the mood for the rest of the disc.
Next up is “Police Nabbed My Dad” which is set to the tune of the infamous “Feliz Navidad”. In true Bob fashion “Dad” gets nabbed by the cops for being drunk in public, trashed on egg nogg. A great twist to the holiday staple. Guaranteed to put a grin on your face.
“Fa La La” is another medley of classics all beefed up and fast with some insane drumming. Definitely one of the standouts on the disc.
“You Ruined Christmas” is another story-type song about a young boy that ruins his family’s xmas. A bit mellower than most of the disc but still upbeat mixed in with some “Dialog”.
“Ho Ho Ho”. The album’s title track is very catchy and melodic. It sort of has that Ramones beat to it with the simple crunchy guitar sound.
Next up is “Silent Nite” which combines the classic song with “Do You See What I See” and “Up On The Rooftop”. This rocker is waay too short. Stan’s bass playing here is turned up in the mix and you get to hear his great melodic playing. He definitely one of the best bassists out there today.
The album ends off with an insanely fast version of Elvis’ “Blue Christmas”. Yet again the bass is turned up slightly, add in the fast and heavy drums alongside Bob’s vocals and the guitar work and you got a great version of a familiar song.

The only complaint about this disc is that it is waay to short. Maybe this will become a yearly tradition for Bobnoxious and they will release a new EP every year. I bet they would do a smokin’ version of “Snoopy vs. The Red Baron”. This is definitely a holiday release for all you Rockaholics.