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BORN TO ROCK is the title of Hellfueled’s latest and second album. I took the opportunity to interview the singer Andy when the band landed in Copenhagen. We talked about the latest album and I also asked Andy more personal questions. 

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Ulrika Henriksson for help with the transcription of this interview

Pictures on and off stage by: Anders Sandvall

 Thanks to Black lodge for the promo pictures of the band




Hi Andy, what’s up? Lets kick off the interview right away, what do you think of your debut album VOLUME 1 today?

I think it was a great album … maximum power!




You received great reviews in the media for VOLUME 1, how did it feel to get such a great response on your first album?

It felt good, I mean you don’t know how people react when they listen to your music….but if they feel this way, perfect!




Do you have any idea on how many copies your debut album have sold?

About 10000 copies I think?



You were support to Europe on their reunion tour throughout Scandinavia last winter, how was that? Are Europe one of your favourite bands?

Not many bands get the chance to play the big arenas…but we got it. It were an amazing feeling of course, and yes…Europe are one of my favourite-bands…..




Do the members still live in Huskvarna? If so do you see any problems musicwise not to live in a bigger city like Stockholm or Gothenburg?

A lot of things happen in those places but we never had any problems with that!




How come you ended up as a singer and do you have any idols or person(s) that you look up to vocalwise?

I can’t remember why I started to sing….maybe when i were drunk on parties and screamed to the music the idea came up?

I think there are a hell of a lot great singers out there, so I don’t have an special favourites…



Can you play any instrument?

No, not good anyway.



Do you get a lot of mails etc from fans and what’s the most asked question you get from the fans?

Not a lot of them.



VOLUME 1 was all about 70’s retro hardrock combined with heavy metal, on BORN TO ROCK I think you play more straight heavy metal, how would you describe your new album?

More clean , classic Heavy Metal.



You have only one guitar player in Jocke, was their never any talk about having a second guitarist?




You have released an EP – MIDNIGHT LADY – in between the two albums, have you read any reviews on the EP and is it available world-wide?

I haven’t seen any reviews. I think it’s available everywhere.




I have spoken to a few people and read a few reviews that says that your album productionwise sounds a lot like the Ozzy album DOWN TO EARTH, what’s your comment on that, is that anything you have thought of?

No, I never thought of it….



I’m sure you have heard that your voice sounds a lot like Ozzy’s and I can agree with that but something that I noticed is that your voice sounds a lot different when you’re playing live and then you don’t sound so alike Ozzy, how come?

Actually I don’t really know why maybe it’s more me live!



Jocke is highly skilled on guitar and an excellent musician, but sometimes he have tendencies on sounding like Zakk Wylde, is that something he’s aware of do you think or am I totally out of line here?

Ask him.





And to end all this Ozzy talk I have to ask you, critics have considered you being a bunch of Ozzy clones, what do you have to say to them?

Don’t listen to the record then….



Let’s talk about your new album BORN TO ROCK, how long did it  take to record?

1 month.





Who has written the music/lyrics on the album and what’s the lyrics about?

HELLFUELED has written the music/lyrics….




You have once again entered Studio Fredman in Gothenburg and Fredrik Nordström as producer, he produced your debut as well, what’s so special working with Fredrik?

He’s the ultimate producer, that’s why!



Do you think you’re going to work with Fredrik on the next album too?

Yes , I hope so!




Are you going to make any videos to any of the songs on BORN TO ROCK? If so which one(s)?

A video have been recorded for the song “Look out” and will be released soon…




Who has done the cover artwork and what do you think of it?

The artwork was made by Charlie Granberg, Stockholm. I think it reflects the title of the album…..Born II Rock…METAL…




Why the title BORN TO ROCK, does it have any special meaning to you guys?

No, we made the song and thought it was an excellent title for the album!



Were are the album out at the moment? Is it released word-wide yet? Do you have any dates on when it’s coming in USA or Asia?

USA just released “volume one” so we have to wait over there, but otherwise I think it’s world-wide-released…

What has been said about the new album in media? Have you read any reviews?

Great response in Europe…”album of the month” in Rock Hard Magazine in Germany for example.



Which album are your favourite? The new one or the debut?




Are you satisfied with the job your label have done with the album, I mean with the promotion and so on?

We are very satisfied with the promotion so far anyway!




If you’re going out on tour what’s your main priority Scandinavia, Europe or the rest of the world?




Which song is your favourite one on the new album and was there any song that was particularly hard to sing?

Regain your crown is one of my favourites.



You kicked off your headline tour the 4th of October in Copenhagen and you’re going to end in Stockholm the 15th of December, how was it to be a headline act after only two albums and do you feel ready to be a headline act? Are you going to tour some more next year?

I don’t know, let’s see after the tour.




You played at Sweden Rock Festival during the summer, how was that and what’s the difference between the Scandinavian audience and the audiences in the rest of Europe and the world?

It’s was amazing to play along with that kind of bands. I think the audience are about the same.



Were in the world do you have your biggest fanbase do you think?




When do you think we can see the third album by Hellfueled out in the stores?

Actually I don’t have a clue!, Let’s concentrate on this album for a while.




Give us three reasons why we should by BORN TO ROCK?

1, Metal
2, Is
3, Forever



What’s the plan for the band for the rest of 2005 and 2006?

Play as many gigs and festivals as possible. Start to write new material!




Finally thanks a lot for taking the time to answering my questions, is there anything you would like to say to the readers and fans outthere?

See you on tour!!!!!!!!!



 Thanks to Andy for take in the time in Copenhagen to answer my questions

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