Hellfueled Born II Rock tour headline at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark 2005

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Born II Rock Tour
The Rock
4/11 – 2005


By: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall





I had to wait a long time in order to catch this act on a live stage, it’s happened one time earlier this year when I saw them as a support act to the Swedish band Mustasch at KB in Malmö, a live review of that gig can be found in metal-rules. Hellfueled haven’t toured their brains out yet but I’m sure they’re going to tour hard now that their new album BORN II ROCK is out. The show this evening was the launch of an 2 weeks long tour as a headline act, I met the guys earlier that night and they were as nice to me now as they were when I them in Malmö, and this time I got the opportunity to interview Andy as well.



It was great confusion regarding when the band was supposed to be on stage because they had three supporting acts. The first support was a band from Denmark and two Swedish bands followed, it was three bands I’ve never heard of and because of that I didn’t pay them any greater interest. But something that came to mind was when the first Danish act had gone off stage most of the people left too so when the first Swedish act entered the stage the crowd had been heavily reduced and when the third support act came on it was believe it or not even fewer people in front of the stage waiting for Hellfueled to come on.

When I asked Andy, the singer, how long they were about to play he said for one hour, well, I think that is too short to be a headline act and when I got a set-list from Andy he had deleted 4 songs and judge to my surprise when I discovered later on that they really only played for about one hour.



The Rock is a nice place that almost only have metal acts playing, they have also night club every weekend so the club have a capacity for 800 people however was the total amount of people this night only on about a couple of hundred.

About 20 minutes to 01.00 at night stepped Hellfueled on stage, my expectations was really high on the guys with thought of what an excellent gig the guys did deliver in Malmö but unfortunately didn’t the gig start off in the best of ways. The crowd that welcomed Hellfueled was extremely poor and it looked like most of the people’s main interest was to drink beer and lots of beer. The band looked like they were a bit lost on stage and the bad lighting didn’t make it any better, the sound was also a catastrophe during almost the whole gig. Jocke on guitar was way too high up in the mix and almost drowned both Andy and the bass play, the only thing that sounded solid was the drumplay. After a couple of songs it sounded like the guys had the gear together but it was still not good.



Andy and company fired off the show with “Second Deal” and altogether played 12 songs taken from both of their albums, the debut VOLUME 1 and the second BORN II ROCK. Andy didn’t talk so much in between the songs instead he let the music do the talking but once he spoke in Swedish and introduced the next song. He also said that it was nice to come back to play at The Rock and that tonight was the launch of their 2-week tour through Europe, with most gigs in Germany, as a headline act. He invited us to sing along in “Midnight Lady” and said that the first video out of the new album was going to be “Look Out”.



The only thing the band had up on stage besides each other were their gear and a smaller backdrop with the bands name on it behind the drums. Andy was the one that worked the hardest to get the crowd going as well as Henke. Jocke stood solid on his place of the stage and besides his furious guitar play, that reminds me a lot of Zakk Wylde, he didn’t move too much. In many reviews of Hellfueled’s album it can be read that Andy sounds a lot like Ozzy and to a certain point I can agree with that but he sounds not at all alike Ozzy live, how that can be I have no idea but that’s a fact. Jocke though sounds a lot like Zakk on album as well as live.

The band ended the show with “R.N.R” and by then only 50 minutes had passed, I thought that Ok, now it’s times for the encores but I was wrong.



If the guys play more live and get tighter, something they ought to do, they are going to kill every other live act, on album are these guys nothing to play with and they have a goldmine in their songwriter and if they only get more live routine they’re going to be a mean live machine, they sure have the ability to become one. So maybe the guys should have stayed a support act for another while instead of taking on the headliner roll because 50 minutes without any encores is not acceptable. But if they only takes care of the mentioned things I’m sure they’re going to be one hell of a live act in the future.



The set list down below are not totally in order but however it’s the songs they played.

Big thanks to Andy for the interview and the rest of Hellfueled for all the help and thanks for letting me take pics of the show.


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Set list

Second Deal
Regain Your Crown
Let Me Out
Can’t Get Enough
On The Run
Look Out
Make It Home
Midnight Lady
Born II Rock