Hypocrisy / Exodus : The 24th Of November, Helsinki Finland

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(Keep Of Kalessin)
November 24, 2005
Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland

Review and pics by Arto Lehtinen

The past year has been an incredible metal year here in Finland as several classic well known bands have visited doing two, or even three, gigs. Especially the old school thrash metal bands have gained an entire new fan base as Slayer, Testament, Destruction and now Exodus have all thrashed in front of huge and fanatical crowds.  Exodus finally made it to Finland last year, giving their first lesson of violence in a huge outdoor rock festival. Hypocrisy has been a more constant visitor in Finland and gathered a solid but small following. Putting three bands on the same touring package consisting of three separate metal genres was definitely a brilliant way to combine these different metal styles and have an almost sold out club in the middle of the week.

Before Exodus and Hypocrisy hit the stage we were treated to the Norwegian black metal combo Keep Of Kalessin. They started the night with a rather primitive black metal assault. Despite the low attendance, the four piece did a solid set without conjuring the demonic atmosphere up. It would have been more thrilling to witness Attila Chsier (now in Mayhem) on the vocals as his eccentric haunting ripping vocal styles fit well to the RECLAIN mcd. However, all the vocal duties were handled by a guy, whose name unfortunately remained a mystery, that wasn’t very impressive. His stage performance had no passion as the man appeared to be dead bored even though some people arranged some kind of small pit. The line up of Keep Of Kalessin featured the guitarist A.O. Gronbech who had gained a questionable reputation in the Satyricon rank when touring in North America.

Exodus 2005 AD is indeed an entire new, vital, and one hell of an energetic live band. This line-up features Gary Holt and Jack Gibson from the Exodus 2004 line-up which stormed at several summer festivals a year ago. Even though the Exodus line-up went more or less upsidedown during the past year, Gary Holt’s unyielding willingness to carry the Exodus flag through the rough times has received its honourable opportunity of having such a killer line-up for sure.  The Heathen axeman, Lee Altus, was certainly up for a challenge, as he has without any doubt turned out to be the right man to fill the empty shoes left by Rick Hunolt. At least Lee is said to have waited for this Exodus job for 20 years. But unfortunately Hunolt’s departure ended the era of killer guitar work by the legendary H-team that has been adored in the extreme metal genre for years. The former Slayer skinman Paul Bostaph’s speedy and intensive footwork on the double bass has taken songs to the upper level of pure aggression, especially in the live situation. Bostaph kept up his tremendous drumming throughout the entire gig without slowing down. It is entirely pointless to start to compare Bostaph or Hunting to each other, as both the drummers are highly respected and valued metal drummers in the genre. Both have their own style and technique. Jack Gibson is known is known to have a more laid back stage persona.

Gary Holt, who suffered from a nasty flu, definitely enjoyed playing in front of the wild Finnish audience. Even though the flu set limitations to Gary’s headbanging, the man was in his element on the stage.

New vocalist Rob Dukes came from nowhere to the Exodus ranks as a new frontman. The man raged and acted like some sort of maniac, almost like some mental patient, moving from one side to the other. Exodus has got a real wild character on the stage. The night’s setlist had been built to contain mostly newer material from the last two albums. The newer material definitely sounded extreme, intensive and thrashing and it brutalyl whipped the crowd into a real wild slamming pit and especially riffs of  “Lesson In A Violence” unleashed a real slamming, but extreme merciless pit. Yes the legendary thrash metal patrol is rescued for sure.

(note : not in the right order!)
Bonded By Blood
I Am Abomination
Black List
A Lesson in Violence
Scar Scangled Banner
44 Magnum Opus
Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Fabulous Disaster
War is My Shepherd


And when the lesson in a violence had been given by Exodus’ damn well oiled killing machine, destroying the entire Nosturi audience, the Swedish Hypocrisy definitely had a hard task of capturing the same intensity of the savage live performance of the Bay Area thrashers.  Hypocrisy was some kind of the official headliner of the night but judging by a huge amount of Exodus shirts in the crowd, someone could have a little bit different opinion about that.

Hypocrisy is basically culminated around the band’s mastermind Peter Tägtgren’s vision which could be witnessed when eyeing the band’s playing and performance. The mastermind himself was more in the center of the stage, focusing on growling and guitar playing whereas another second guitarist, Anders Holma, and bassplayer Mikael Hedlund, moved on the stage by switching their places occasionally. As far as the setlist is concerned, having both newer material off from their latest album VIRUS and older material even from their early 90’s albums. The Swedish death mongers let their deadly music spread without causing any chaos and mayhem on the floor as people had smoothly started leaving the venue.

(note : not in right order!)
Impotent God
Carved Up 
Until The End 
Adjusting The Sun
Turn The Page
Fire In The Sky
A Thousand Lies
Let The Knife Do The Talking
Fractured Millennium
Inferior Devoties
Roswell 47


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