Rob Dickinson – Fresh Wine For The Horses

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Rob Dickinson
Fresh Wine For The Horses

2005, Sanctuary Records
Rating: 3/5

Former singer for The Catherine Wheel returns to the spotlight with a solo record of well written Pop Rock. Featured here are 11 songs of radio friendly tunes that any DJ would play. This is the kind of album you’d put on in the background while doing other things. There is no over the top drumming or guitar and the vocals are pretty run of the mill in the style and execution. Rob does have an excellent voice and it is well suited to your adult radio and can be put in the same category as people like Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews. The more mellow singers of the time with a slight edge in places that keeps them from being put into an adult contemporary category.

With songs like “The Night” put you in mind of Springsteen with it’s acoustic guitar and storytelling lyric. There are a couple of upbeat tracks on the disc: “Handsome” and “Towering and Flowering”. Both of these are the hilights of the album.

1. My Name Is Love
2. Oceans
3. The Night
4. Mutineer
5. Intelligent People
6. Handsome
7. Bathe Away
8. The Storm
9. Bad Beauty
10. Don’t Change
11. Towering And Flowering