Candlemass / Destruction : The 14th of November 2005 Helsinki Finland

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(DeathChain and After All)
The 14th Of November 2005
Nosturi, Helsinki

Pics and review by Arto Lehtinen

What a real old school metal line up indeed, featuring the legends of two separate metal genres namely Destruction and Candlemass. Frankly it was utterly amazing to have that kind of line up booked here in Finland even for two gigs. But once again some unexpected problems came out of the blue due to the gods of weather.

The HellBoundz Of Doom And Thrash tourpackage had stopped in several Baltic countries and was to roll over Finland until a merciless raging autumn storm surprised the gig promoters in Helsinki and the bands down in Estonia. Several ferries were cancelled as crossing the raging sea turned out to be too risky and dangerous. Both Candlemass and Destruction had fortunately left Estonia for Finland on the morning ferry without their own gear, just bringing their own guitars. Whereas both DeathChain and After All had to remain in Estonia waiting for the later ferry in order to arrive at Finland. All the buses and the backline equipment stayed in Estonia. It was quite unclear if two opening bands could be able to be arrive on time for the shows of their own. However both the bands managed to get to the venue at the last minute, as it was already rumoured the gig was in jeopardy. Despite the schedule being delayed a little bit approx. 500 thrashing doom bangers couldn’t be more than pleased to testify that the gig happened. Whereas the gig booked a day later in Oulu was forced to cancel because of the tourbuses and backline equipment were still down in Estonia.


The night was kicked off by the Belgium thrashers After All, who played for approx. 20 min giving a lesson of their own power thrash delivery.  The Belgium thrashers got a good opportunity of performing in front of the quite young, but big crowd however, who definitely arranged one hell of a brutal moshpit when the Raining The Blood cover roared out of speakers. Even though After All has been around for a long time and put out a number of releases the Belgium thrashers haven’t managed to catch on with the metal fans yet.  

Then a quick break before Finland’s own deathrashers DeathChain entered the stage. DeathChain have been a hot name in Finland  since the second album DEATHRASH ASSAULT  saw the light of day and have been gigging a lot.

It has to be admitted that the guitarist giant named Corpse is definitely a scary looking person, to whom no-one would like to say any wrong word..ehh. The five piece thrashed and smashed in a shorted playing time by giving a lesson that the deathrash can be done up here in the North. The band quickly rampaged the audience by playing a bunch of new songs “Lepra Lord”, “Napalm Satan”, “Graveyard Witchery” from the ass-kicking second album and surprisingly concluded the whole set by playing Slayer’s “Black Magic”. The Finnish five piece did a solid routine job on the stage without any bigger surprises, but whipped the crowd into a frenzy to get ready for Candlemass and Destruction.

Candlemass’ success has been quite rocky in Finland as the previous show of theirs back in 2002 was only witnessed by a handful of doom bangers at the Tavastia club. In General the Swedish doomersters haven’t managed to gain that large a fanbase in Finland, just the loyal true doom metal fanatics. At least now that loyal true doom metal fanbase had grown a lot since the previous visit as the whole floor area was entirely packed when Marcolin ran to the stage when the opening intro and the first leading parts of “Black Dwarf” bewitched the Finnish doom bangers. As far as the setlist is concerned it had been built to deliver equally of both the old and new songs. Honestly the new Candlemass tunes without any doubts have and present these so called classical doom metal elements, fitting perfectly to the set list along with the older material from their older albums released in the late 80’s. For example the catchy “Witches” stands for the pure epicus doomicus metallicus feeling from the beginning to the end whereas the speedy and catchy “Black Dwarf” represents the opposite direction of Candlemass. 

Both the guitarist, Bjorkman and Johansson in their own places on the stage, created real outstanding heavy guitar sounds and above all despite the Swedish doomongers had to use the borrowed backline equipment, the sounds were spellbreaking. The basswizard as well as master of several doomy classic songs of Candlemass Leif Edling was more in the centrum of the stage and often dropped in low to the stagefloor with the bass. 

Messiah Marcolin is definitely one hell of a charismatic frontman of Candlemass, the man can keep the audience in his fingers and control them like a sorceror’s pledge thru the whole show as continuous willing and gesture to encourage the audience to bang their heads was absolutely nothing but fantastic.  Of course his wellknown trademarks being the legendary monk ropes and doom dance belonged to the mandantory stage mangers.

Even though the band couldn’t be 100% satisfied with how the gig went, but judging by the circumstances Candlemass once again did a great show. 

Black Dwarf
Mirror Mirror
Bearer Of Pain
Seven Silver Keys
Spell Breaker
The Well Of Souls
Dark Are the Veils of Death
Gallows End

The German thrash metal icon has constantly visited the land of thousand lakes during the last few years. For the first time ever the trio unleashed the bestial invasion in 2001 as an opening act for the Norwegian black metal combo Dimmu Borgir, later the butchers stroke back with the every old school thrash metal maniac dream line-up, namely with Sodom and Kreator and last summer Schmier and the companies nailed to the Finnish thrashers to the cross at the prestigious Tuska Open Air festival. Now Destruction were the headliners of the night.

As mentioned earlier all the bands used the same hired gear and obviously the technical failures managed to plague the start of the set of Destruction as Schmier appeared to be more than pissed off. Causing that the band’s pure aggression and seeds  of hate appeared to reflect at the whole gig of the German thrashers as both Mike and Schmier butchered themselves on the stage to go for one hell of a looking headbanging and extreme aggressive tight playing.
Even Destruction have thrashed around over 20 years, but however the pit wild audience not being older than 20 years were extremely aware of their old classic tunes like “Mad Butcher”, “Unconscious Ruins” as well as the new material “Nailed To The Cross”, “The Butcher Strikes Back” as the pit occasionally became quite brutal.
For the delight of several fans “Unconscious Ruins” and “Release From Agony” played in the medley picked up from the 1987 output RELEASE FROM AGONY as it was utter joy to hear those ones. But the set consisted of the app. 40 % of the new material for example “Metal Discharge”, “Soul Collector” and of course the obvious older classic tunes “Life Without Sense”, “Eternal Ban” and of course “Bestial Invasion”.
Although the people had started leaving the venue to catch up last trains and buses, however the nice surprise was experienced in the end when Messiah Marcolin showed up to the stage to do “The Alliance Of HellHoundz”, but unfortunately the song didn’t work that well in the live situation as it sounded quite confusing. 

Despite the problems in the beginning of the set Destruction came and conquered by letting all hell break hell in Nosturi. It is sure Destruction will be seen on the soil of Finland more…

Soul Collector
Nailed To The Cross
Mad Butcher
Unconscious Ruins
Medley: The Ritual / Antichrist / Release From Agony
The Defiance Will Remain
Thrash Till Death
Confused Mind
Life Without Sense
Metal Discharge
Eternal Ban
Curse The Gods
Total Desaster
Bestial Invasion
The Butcher Strikes Back
The Alliance Of Hellhoundz
Alliance Of Hellhounds (Featuring Messiah)





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