Bobnoxious (Bob J. Reid)

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Interview with Bob J. Reid
By Celtic Bob

Bobnoxious is the brainchild of Bob J. Reid (Razor, S.F.H.). Hailing out of London Ontario this 4 piece unit is about to take the music industry by storm with their energetic live shows and killer debut. I had a chance to ask band founder Bob a few questions recently about the future of Bobnoxious as well as his previous bands.


What are you and Bobnoxious currently doing?

We have just finished mastering our x-mas album and are now waiting
production of the disc. We are making only 1000 and all proceeds go to the London food bank. Later this montn, the 26 of November we will also be taking part in the Santa Claus Parade with our own Bobnoxious float! And will follow that up with 2 (and only 2) x-mas shows. Dec 17 at Call the Office in London and Dec. 22 at Fiddlers Green in Cambridge.  We have been asked by many other bars to do a x-mas show but we have decided to do just the 2 shows.

Are you working on a new studio recording?

Yes we have been working on our new record for a while now. we have around 12 songs recorded and will be recording some more over the x-mas holidays. Next Feb/march we will start putting all the songs that fit the feel of the record together, mix/ master and put the new disc out for spring.  The title of the album will be “Rockaholics”.

When can fans expect to hear the new tunes?

Until the new album is available you can hear us play some of the new tunes at our gigs. We play 4-6 new ones .depends on what we feel like come gig time.

Is Razor totally finished?

Totally finished.holy fuck man- Razor hasn’t been this busy in years.we just played the gates of hell gig in September and have been working on our new album for a few months now.  Our new dvd is almost finished and looking really cool and sounding great. We are also playing in Montreal Dec. 10. and I believe that original bass player Mike is playing that show..

What was the Gates of Hell gig like?

gates of hell was fun like all gigs should be

Who is currently in the band? 

Dave Carlo, Adam Carlo, Bob Reid, Rob Mills  Shotgun Justice line up.  and Mike Camp? (not sure of spelling) plays when Adam can’t (original bass player)

How about SFH?


Any plans there?

I am going to re-release “All you Can Eat”.
I have had many requests for that record, so I think I will put that out
again.. there is an album that we never released that I may do something with but I am to busy to do anything with that right now.

Why were they dissolved?

Nothing lasts forever.

Bobnoxious shares more in common with SFH musically than Razor. Why did you
form Bobnoxious instead of resurrecting SFH?

Just felt like it.

Any plans to have your Razor and SFH albums remastered and re-released?

Yes- like I said before, S.F.H. “All you Can Eat”.
And razor is working out a deal to re-release our back catalogue.

What is your opinion on the Canadian metal scene?

I have no opinion cause I don’t listen to anything and don’t pay attention to what’s going on anymore.I do my thing and that’s it!

What was it like playing alongside bands like Exciter, Anvil, VoiVod..?

It’s always fun and a lot of laughs. Truly a shame what happened to Piggy. Just fuckin shitty!

Any interesting stories you’d like to tell?

Nope. Not without a beer in my hand.

What lies ahead for Bobnoxious?

We are just at the start of this adventure..this thing will wake a lot of people up in the music industry.Work with us now, or deal with us later!

Any plans to play some shows out east?

Love to..we will wait till spring and the new record.the weather is nuts in the winter and I’m not risking my live driving in that shit.  We drink to much to try that!

Anything you’d like to promote or say to the readers of

Don’t be sheep! It’s your life – do what you want to, listen to what you want to! Enjoy everyday and make it count!

Cheers fuckers!

Thanks for your time.
thanx Bob
cheers fucker


Bobnoxious (aka. Bob J. Reid)– Vocals, Guitar
Jeff “Stan” Fountain – Bass
Jeffy B – Guitar
Wylie – Drums