Iron Maiden: Live in Quebec City

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Review by Oursenplus


Seeing Iron Maiden is always a wonderful experience, but seeing Iron Maiden in Quebec City on a Saturday night is definitely something else.  based in Montreal, I had already seen IM on their DoD World Tour and it was an awesome experience. When I heard that IM wouldn’t play Montreal but would play Quebec City, I immediately planned a trip to go see my favourite metal band. Plus, this show was going to be awesome since there would be die-hard fans from Montreal and die-hard fans from Quebec reunited in the same arena!! This show, and the whole tour, was going to be based around the first four albums. This meant that I’d get to hear songs I would probably never hear again. There was no questioning in my head, I was going to be at that show!!

While the show would only be began at 8 o clock, I arrived early to meet my fellow quebecer friends from the IM Bulletin Board. I only met a couple of them when we went to eat and drink a few beers in a restaurant not far away from our hotel at lunch time. I also bought the “Where Beavers Dare” t-shirt that two of the guys form the IM BB had done. Awesome t-shirt! Very cool guys, I suggest anyone that post in forums to meet your virtual friends!!

Mastodon took the stage at exactly 8. I had never really listened to them except for a couple of songs here and there, but let me tell you these guys gave everything they had for Quebec City!! The guitarists were really tight, playing awesome riffs and little melodies that really surprised me. The drummer was also awesome. While Mastodon were playing, the arena was only half-packed and there were not many “Maiden! Maiden!” chants between Mastodon’s songs, which shows that they were quite appreciated. I recall that Arch Enemy in January 04 got booed and people were screaming “Maiden! Maiden!” between their songs and during their songs. Mastodon thanked Quebec City, saying they were one of the best crowd they had played to and left.

Between the two bands, the arena was now jam-packed and it was quite something to see!! People in the seated-part of the arena did the wave for about five minutes then did it again for another three minutes a couple of minutes later. There were “MAIDEN! MAIDEN! chants the whole time the change-up lasted.


Lights went down at 9:18 and a night that 10 000 quebecers would never forget was about to begin. The Ides of March was played trough the P.A. system and many were already screaming their lungs out. Right after the first few notes of “Murders in the Rue Morgue”, the boys were already jumping all over the place and interacting with the crowd. From where I was standing, the left side of the floor, I could see Dave playing his solos, which was really enjoyable since he played about half of the solos during the show. Dave is always tight and puts so much emotion in his solos, it’s always an awesome experience watching him!! 


Now, some of you may have asked yourselves why seeing IM in Quebec City is something else than another IM show. It’s the crowd that makes it unbelievable. It was very rare to see someone just standing there, doing nothing. Everytime I would look behind me, I’d see 10 000 people headbanging, jumping or singing along. The “Wo-Oh-Oh” part of The Trooper was awesome, people were almost singing louder than Bruce!! The double solo Janick and Adrian did during The Trooper was awesome, really better than the one on Rock in Rio. It was played note for note by both axemen.

The boys played about every song a fan of the first four albums would want to hear. Each of them were executed as solid as they are on the album. Songs like Remember Tomorrow, Where Eagles Dare, Prowler were very welcomed by the crowd.

The peformance of the band was awesome, Bruce sang like a god during the whole show, running and doing his usual theatrics. Steve, as usually, was a wall of hair and sang along to every word Bruce sang. Janick was jumping all over the place, Adrian standing there and enjoying the crowd, Dave smiling at everyone and Nicko doing crazy faces behind his drum kit.

The crowd really gave it up for one of Maiden’s anthem, Run To The Hills. The crowd was singing the chorus wayyyyy louder than Bruce, who looked amazed. The Quebecer crowd reserved a huge standing ovation right after Die With Your Boots On. The guys on the stage were standing there, smiling while Bruce had his head in his hands, it was only the third time in a row Quebec City gave this treatment to the band!! After 4 or 5 minutes, it stopped, Bruce took the mic, and managed to say two words before the crowd started another ovation for a good 3 minutes again. The boys were smiling from ear to ear ; )

After the two standing ovations, Bruce managed to introduce the next song, Phantom of the Opera. I was really looking forward to this one, and boy did they deliver it!!! Next came Number of the Beast. The way Bruce did the scream at the beginning of the song was so intense my body was covered with goosebumps in it’s entirety. That scream was well worth the 65$ price for the show alone.  Hallowed Be Thy Name was next and this was also something to see, people in the arena stopped headbanging to sing along and jump during the solos. During the song Iron Maiden, a big inflatable Eddie, the one on the cover of the first album, appeared at the back of the stage but due to power problems, it deflated quite quickly.

The encore included Running Free, which they did a la Live After Death, with the interaction part with the crowd. Bloody good!! They finished the show with Drifer and Sanctuary, which were two very great songs to close the show, much better than Run to the Hills in my opinion!!

I recommand to those who missed the Early Days tour to try and catch up the Golden Years tour, which will include songs from Powerslave, Live After Death and Somewhere In Time with a stage design like the one that was used for the World Slavery Tour!! Up the Irons!

Best songs : Phantom of the Opera, Where Eagles Dare, Running Free, Run to the Hills, The Number of the beast


Idles of March (Recorded Intro)
Murders in the Rue Morgue
Another Life
The Trooper
Remember Tomorrow
Where Eagles Dare
Run to the Hills
Die with your Boots On
Phantom of the Opera
The Number of the Beast
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Iron Maiden

Running Free

*** Thanks to Maiden4Life and Maiden2k from the IM BB for the live pics!!**