Vesania – God The Lux

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Reviewed: November 2005
Released: 2005, Napalm Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Label bios for bands make me laugh. Every band is completely original, the most intense, with the best songs ever! Take the bio for Polish metallers Vesania – the way the bio goes on, you’d think they are the greatest (modern) black metal band in the galaxy. I mention this, because the label trumpets Vesania’s second effort, GOD THE LUX, as if it is a massive step forward for black metal in the year 2005. I mean, the band even features members of Behemoth (Orion), and Vader (Daray), so OF COURSE it must be ultra fantabulous, right? Well…
If you are a huge fan of Dimmu Borgir, and just can’t get enough of their PURITANICAL EUPHORIC MISANTHROPIA album, then Vesania are for you. Sure, what Dimmu did on that album was neat and all, what with the mechanized drums of Nick Barker and the militaristic riffage of Silenoz combined with a black metal sheen, but we really only needed on version of that album. Alas, Orion and co. insist on plowing ahead straight into the Rip-Off World Superstore, stealing every riff, Shagrath howl, and keyboard flourish the Norse ones used on their 2001 opus.
All of this is not to say that Vesania suck – far from it. They are obviously skilled musicians, bringing life to songs like “Fireclipse” and the title track, but on the whole, this just feels so clinical and second-rate. You would think that Vesania would know better since 2 of their members are in such ground-breaking bands. I guess Peter and Nergal are too busy making good music to pass on their knowledge to others.


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Track Listing:
1. Rest In Pain
2. Posthuman Kid
3. Lumen Clamosum
4. God the Lux
5. Synchroscheme
6. Phosphorror
7. Lumen Funescum
8. The Mystory
9. Fireclipse
10. Lumen Coruscum
11. Legios Are Me
12. Inlustra Nigror

Orion: Vocals, Guitars
Heinrich: Bass
Daray: Drums
Valeo: Guitar
Siegmar: Keyboards