Valkyrie\’s Cry – Valkyries Cry

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Reviewed: November 2005
Released: 2005, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Life can be strange sometimes, throwing things at you at the most unexpected of times. Take this disc for example. I snagged a copy of this demo just by standing in line at a Stratovarius concert. I’m glad I did because I love to discover new, local bands, especially promising ones.
As it happens, Valkyrie’s Cry are a Toronto band, playing a aggressive brand of power metal/traditional metal, more akin to say, Manowar, than Dragonforce. Featuring five original songs, this self-titled demo is the group’s first recording. As such, certain issues are expected, and they do rear their ugly heads from time to time. Off key, unrestrained vocals, the occasional sloppy note, and weak production are all evident on VALKYRIE’S CRY, but what the band lacks in technical aptitude, they more than make up for with pure heavy metal energy.
Opening with the pounding “Black Knight”, the band quickly show that they are on the right path – catchy riffs and impassioned vocals lead the charge and are quickly followed by some excellent soloing. The next two songs, “Valkyrie’s Cry” and “Blessed By The Mace” follow the same formula to great success, though Evil Dip’s vocals are a little too over the top on the latter. “Call of the Naiads” carries on the speed, slowing down for a brief chugging respite in the middle, before taking off again. Finally, “Headless Horsemen” displays some actual dynamics with an extended quiet dirge opening, before once again going hyper-speed to finish up.
Overall, though Valkyrie’s Cry needs to put in some work to tighten up their presentation and playing, this is a very good first step for the band. VALKYRIE’S CRY is entertaining throughout and the band definitely carries the true metal spirit.
The band are currently looking for a dedicated full-time drummer, so if you’re interested, or just want a copy of the demo, give them a shout at:

UPDATE: The band has just signed a Management Deal with the Dragonight Agency in Europe, so look for more from these guys in the near future!


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Track Listing:
1. Black Knight
2. Valkyrie’s Cry
3. Blessed By The Mace
4. Call of the Naiads
5. Headless Horsemen

Lord Godin: Guitars
Evil Dip: Vocals
Darril: Bass