The Forecast – Late Night Conversations

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Reviewed: November 2005
Released: 2005, Victory Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I look at this as the companion piece to this month’s review of The Junior Varsity – both bands are on Victory Records, and both have absolutely nothing to do with rock or metal. Like The Junior Varsity, The Forecast and their full-length debut album, LATE NIGHT CONVERSATIONS, is pure emo that most metalheads will want nothing to do with.
Stick around though! I don’t know what Victory Records was thinking sending this to Metal Rules, but I’m actually kind of glad they did. Yeah, this is emo, and yeah it carries a lot of that genre’s downfalls (Dustin Addis’ vocals can get pretty grating at times, and the lyrics are a little too typical of the genre), but there are some good songs on here. Specifically, the high energy, slightly Western-feeling, “These Lights” with its excellent harmonized vocals hits the bull’s eye. It’s these short bursts of melodic emotion that The Forecast excels at, but they get away from that on the back end of the album with several longer songs that just sap the disc of its vitality. There’s just no need for a song like “Sleep Tight Tonight” to be 6 minutes long with an extended quiet jam in the middle. When the band gets right to the point though, LATE NIGHT CONVERSATIONS is some excellent listening.
So, despite the emo excesses committed here, and ignoring the fact that this is nowhere near qualifying as heavy metal, I can actually recommend The Forecast as a stand-up example of good emo. Still, you’re tolerance for emo will tell you whether this is worth checking into, so proceed accordingly.


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Track Listing:
1. Seating Subject To Availability
2. These Lights
3. Helping Hands
4. Fade In Fade Out
5. Whiskey’s Dead You’re Next
6. Late Night Conversations
7. APR
8. Exorcise Demons
9. Sleep Tight Tonight
10. Losing Signal

Tony Peck: Drums
Dustin Addis: Vocals, Guitars
Matt Webb: Guitars, Vocals
Shannon Burns: Vocals, Guitars