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Alex is the singer in the new Swedish up and coming thrash act Scaar which recently unleashed their second album titled THE SECOND INCISION. I became interested in Scaar when I had their new album mailed to me and decided to try to contact Alex in order to do an interview, and finally here it is.

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall


Promo pictures provided by the band taken by: Patrik Hellström and Anders Nilsson.

Because you are a pretty new band to the readers of metal-rules I’d like you to tell us when and where Scaar was formed and also please tell us a bit about what you have been up to so far?

Scaar was formed in – 99 by lead singer Alex and guitarist Alf and a short while afterward, the bass player Tomas joined the band. We did a few demos with different stand-in drummers before we found a complete rhythm section in bass player Mats, and drummer Richard back in 2000. After about 6-8 months of rehearsal we entered studio underground in Västerås with the producer Pelle Saether. Our first real album was completed in the end of 2001 and goes by the name (Scarred for life).



Have any of the members been involved in any famous band before Scaar?

Each and one of us have played in different bands throughout the years, but its wrong to say that neither one of us have been involved in some bigger acts.





Who came up with the band name and why did you chose the name Scaar?
Alex came up with the idea of the name (Scar ) and then by accident our first bass player Tomas, spelled it with two A:s, and we said fuck ! lets go for it.



You have released one album prior this one, what’s it called and when and where was it recorded? What had the media to say about the album?

The first album called SCAARED FOR LIFE was recorded in 2001 at the exact same studio as our second one, and the exact same producer Pelle Saether ( studio underground ) were involved at that time. Scarred for life has been very well established in media, with a lot of excellent words spoken, at one time a reporter called it pure heavy mind fuck which I think is a really good definition of that album.


You have recently released your second album, THE SECOND INCISION, how long did it take to write the album?

We worked with the songs for this one for about 7-8 months or so.



Why did you name the album THE SECOND INCISION, what does that title mean to you?

Exactly what it sounds like, we once again managed to penetrate through peoples skin and bones, and I think the title stands for it self.




Who writes the material and what are your lyrics about?

We just put the whole shit together in the rehearsal room and the weird fucking lyrics is mostly written by myself, it all starts in my twisted head, and the only thing I can say is ! read the good damn lyrics and decide for yourself.



You have recorded the album in Studio Underground with Pelle Seather, how was it to work with Pelle?

I must say that Pelle is a real cool and funny guy to work with, and we had a blast the two weeks we spent in the studio.



Who has done the mixing and mastering?

The mixing part is done by Scaar along with Pelle Saether and the creation is mastered by a fellow called Peter in de betou in Stockholm Sweden.


Were you well rehearsed and prepared before you entered the studio?

We can say that we were well prepared but not so well rehearsed.





Who has done the cover art-work? What’s the thought behind it and what do you think of it?

The front cover is made by a guy called Niklas Sundin ( Dark Tranquility, In Flames …..) who came up with some ideas, and this one really fitted with the rest of the booklet that already had been done. I personally think that he is a real good artist and he did an astonishing work whit it.



Have you read any reviews yet of the new album? If so what have the media to say about it?

Its not an understatement to say that we have had some great fucking reviews so far.




The bio says “This is the 2nd album of Sweden’s most promising modern thrash metal formation” how do you comment that? Do you think that the bio is right when it states you to be the most promising Swedish thrash act?

I think you mean the one on Karmageddon’s homepage, Why not, I must say that I agree with the bio, we got an amazing record out and the thing you hear on the album you can definitely expect if you come see us live.


How much have you toured until today? Have you done a lot of live shows?

We have done a whole bunch of live shows but not as many as we should, so right now were working real hard to find a management/booking agency.


Your label Karmageddon Media are based in The Netherlands, what do you think of that? Isn’t it hard to have your label in a different country?

Personally I don’t like that Karmageddon have their base in Holland because of its many difficulties in understanding each other, and I must say that they haven’t done jack shit so far, so we sure are a little bit aggravated.






How would you describe your music?

Like a deranged psychotic worm penetrating through your skull.


Your drummer, Richard Holmgren, have left the band, who’s taking his place?

We have a new drummer in Kristian Huotari who have a past in several bands in our neighborhood, he is a skin basher who torture the drums in the exact appropriate way that we want.


Do you have any plans on going out on the road now that the album is out?

Right now we looking for the perfect booking agency that can help us get our asses out on the road. 



Why should the readers, and all the rest of the metal fans, buy the new Scaar album?

Just because it’s a great fucking death/thrash metal album.





When can we expect the third Scaar album being out in the stores?

Hopefully in the summer of 2006.


What are the plans for Scaar for the rest of 2005 and what’s going to happen in 2006?

The plans for the rest of 2005 is to write new material for a third full length album and our plans is to entering the studio in the beginning of 2006. This time around we have chosen Studio Dugout (Soilwork, Meshuggah, In flames) and the producer Daniel Bergstrand, for our next deranged thrash metal gathering. 




Finally, is there anything you would like to add or say to the readers of ?

I really hope that you enjoy as much heavy music that you possible can, and I swear!  if you check the band out you definitely not going to be the least dissatisfied.




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