Mistress – In Disgust We Trust

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Reviewed: November 2005
Released: 2005, Earache Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Crawling out of the gutter of the metal mecca Birmingham, England in 1999, Mistress have been inflicting agony-soaked grind upon the masses ever since. The band signed to Rage of Achilles for two albums, the self-titled debut, and the following THE CHRONOVISOR. A vicious demo from 2004 got the band the attention of Earache Records, and here we sit in 2005, feeling uncomfortable as hell and slightly pained, as the dirty lads known as Mistress have just released their third shit-burner, IN DISGUST WE TRUST.
Combining the classic grind sentiments of early Napalm Death with more modern sensibilities of Brutal Truth and fusing them with the Sunlit soundscapes of early Entombed, Mistress pound forth like few in the genre today. Vocalist Dave Cunt is a dead ringer for L-G Petrov ‘cause he’s got the same vicious, yet decipherable howl, while the rest of the band churns riffs that are grinding, yet thankfully free blast beats. Throughout the churn, the band even finds the time to toss in the occasional melodic lead or vocal, including a bizarre scream in “Whiskey Tastes Better…” that sounds like King Diamond with his nuts crushed in a vice.
Still, it’s not innovation that wins the day on IN DISGUST WE TRUST. The band are here to grind out anthems for the pissed off, and that’s all they care about. Even if you don’t like the band’s attempts at spicing up their music, the pure aggression of songs like “Fucking Fuck” and “Me Ves Y Sufres” will more than satisfy your deathgrind lust. If modern era Entombed and Napalm Death don’t pound you like they used to, turn to Mistress and they’ll happily punch you in the teeth and remind you what it’s like to hurt.


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Track Listing:
1. In Disgust We Trust
2. Happily Ever Disaster
3. Fucking Fuck
4. Static
5. At Arms Length
6. Alcohole
7. Whiskey Tastes Better…
8. Me Ves Y Sufres
9. Talking to God (On a Microphone Made of Steel)
10. Shovel

Misery: Guitars
Drunk: Guitars
Dave Cunt: Vocals
Dirty Arse: Bass
Migg: Drums