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Reviewed: November 2005
Released: 2005, Necroharmonic
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Those of you digging an ultra-heavy and brutal ´90s flavored Scandinavian Death Metal sounds, hands up and raise them high up in the air! I mean bands like Funebre, Crematory, Demilich, Demigod, Grave, Nihilist, Abhorrence and the likes – and especially all of these aforementioned bands´ demo eras. Well, then there´s no reason for you to look any further as Funebrarum from New Jersey brings some of those most brutally wonderful, evergreen moments back for you, simply paying a massive amount of homage to the past Scandinavian Death Metal scene – sounding exactly like any Scandinavian Death Metal band from that particular era in which ultra-guttural vocals, extremely down tuned guitars and such things made die-hard underground deatheads´s pants wet – and because of that, made them to form their own bands of a similar calibre. It becomes very clear and evident right from the beginning of this disc that Funebrarum haven´t had any intention to find a sound that could be recognized as their own ´unique´ or ´original´ sound. They have just tried to plagiarize and play apes as perfectly and determinedly at the expense of some of their very favorite bands from that legendary Scandinavian Death Metal period as it´s even possible in the very first place – and they can consider them true winners, too. Funebrarum have done a perfect job by achieving that murky and ultra-brutal Scandinavian Death Metal sound for their album, and if that pleases you enough, I can rather easily assume already you have probably been spinning their disc in your CD -player at least 333 times, if not even more??!

Those of you who didn´t know this fact yet, Funebrarum was formed in early 1999 by Daryl Kahan (Morgul), Dave Wagner (Nyarlathotep) and guitarist Nick Orlando of the legendary doom band Evoken. Obviously the guys were huge fans of the Scandinavian Death Metal scene back in the day; at least the ´Thank You´ -list of their CD is full of names from the late ´90s Scandinavian Death Metal scene. As a tiny detail in this very same breath that needs to be mentioned Jukka Kolehmainen (those super-low, ultra-guttural vomits in the semi-legendary Finnish death patrol Abhorrence) has written lyrics for one song on the CD; the song´s called \”Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers\”. Quite an interesting detail, for some nostalgia´s sake at least, I think.

Well, not much else can be said about this 5-song disc except if dark and brutal Scandinavian Death Metal got your nuts cracked back in the day, I guess it should do the same for you even these days. Some sort of a moss-growned nostalgia level on this album should be relatively high for the fans of old school underground Scandinavian Death Metal without doubts, so you cannot loose your bet as you should already know what you are about to get.


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Track Listing:
01. Tombs of Sleeping Darkness
02. Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers
03. Miasma of Pestilence
04. Dormant Hallucination
05. Depths of Misery

Daryl Kahan – Vocals
Nick Orlando – Guitars
Dave Wagner – Bass
Brian Jimenez
(John Paradiso – Session leads)