Edguy – Superheroes EP

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Reviewed: November 2005
Released: 2005, Nuclear Blast/Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The German power metal heroes Edguy are back with some new studio material. This is only an EP but the full length album is due to be released at the end of January. The band has included a whole 6 songs on this EP but that includes the titletrack twice, first as a regular version and then as an epic version. They have also recorded a cover of the Magnum track “The Spirit”. As usual Tobias has written most of the material except for “Judas At The Opera” where he had help from guitar player Jens.

“Superheroes”, which I presume is going to be featured on the studio album, is German power metal in the typical Edguy style. It has a catchy chorus that’s really easy to sing along with. “Spooks in the Attic” is also a typical German power metal thing but it’s of a harder kind. It has real sharp guitar playing by Jens and Dirk. Tobias is at the top of the mix with his characteristic voice. “Blessing In Disguise” is a really boring and slow ballad with no energy whatsoever. Only Tobias saves this song from being a complete fiasco. The longest track is already mentioned “Judas at the Opera” which is almost 8 minutes long. The guest singer here is Michael Kiske (ex- Helloween) in a song that should have been on Tobias metal opera Avantasia instead of here. Tobias has to be very careful so he doesn’t make Avantasia songs for Edguy like in this case. I can’t say so much about “The Spirit “ because I haven’t heard the original version but it sounds like they are true to the original. “Superheroes (epic version)” is a slow version of the title track of this EP containing only piano, strings and Tobias.

I have always liked Edguy and their driven power metal. Their strongest link in the chain is Tobias Sammet with his amazing voice and his capacity of writing brilliant songs however this EP feels not quite as good as what they have released previously. But in anticipation of the new album this EP should suit the ears of Edguy fans everywhere perfectly.

Killer tracks “Superheroes”, “Judas at the Opera”, “Spooks in the Attic”.



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Track Listing:
Spooks in the attic
Blessing in disguise
Judas at the opera
The spirit
Superheroes (epic version)

Tobias Sammet – lead vocals
Jens Ludwig – guitar
Dirk Sauer – guitar
Tobias “Eggi” Exxel – bass
Felix Bohnke – drums