Edguy – Superheroes (DVD)

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Reviewed: November 2005
Released: 2005, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG


Edguy continues on the path to a melding of power metal with 80’s hard rock/metal with their new EP, SUPERHEROES. The CD and DVD of the same name will feed fans insatiable lust for new Edguy material.

The EP’s opening track, “Superheroes”, offers a preview of the forthcoming album ROCKET RIDE. This is one of the more hard-rocking songs the band has done. It seems like this could become a new trend – power/melodic metal bands paying homage to glam / 80’s / hardrock metal. Edguy also did this with the hilarious track “Lavatory Love Machine” from their previous release and now this…plus looking to other bands, Stratovarius has also simplified things on their new one and the 80’s glam metal feel is alive and well in tracks like “Maniac Dance”. However, whether or not Edguy will release a complete album devoid of speed remains to be seen. If the mix of material on the SUPERHEROES is an indication, then it seems like the faster songs will take a backseat, but at least they are still there!

The second track on the EP, “Spooks in the Attic”, is similar in style to the first with it’s mid-tempos and catchy choruses.

“Blessing in Disguise” is a blah track as a ballad, not usually my thing.

“Judas at the Opera” is easily the jewel of the album that features guest vocals by Michael Kiske. For all this guy’s slagging of metal, he still keeps us die-hards hoping he’ll return to the style what with his appearances on Avantasia and here with Edguy. Check out the lyrics on this one…some quite hilarious parts. There are also moments on here that are very Queen influenced, but overall the song is speedy and sounds like Edguy should.

The track “The Spirit” is a cover song, thankfully, because I was shocked at how un-metal and gay the song sounded, even for Edguy ha!

The EP closes with a vocal/piano version of “Superheroes” which is actually not as bad as it sounds as it gives Tobias the space to show off his vocal prowess.

SUPERHEROES, the DVD, is a riot! It had me laughing out loud several times. Even the DVD’s photo gallery is worth watching!! When was the last time you remember that? Usually a music DVD’s photo gallery includes live shots that go on forever and bore you to tears…not with Edguy. So if the photo gallery is that funny, imagine how many laughs are to be had watching “The Road Movie”, “Studio Documentary”, and “The Making of the Video Clip”. Rather then ruin it, I’ll leave the laughs for you to discover! The Live in Brazil stuff that tops off the DVD provides this reviewer with one complaint…it’s too fucking short! A full concert or at least a solid hour of live stuff would have been much better. With luck, Edguy will one day get to release a double length DVD with live performances from around the world filmed over different years, a documentary about the band’s history and a second DVD containing a load of behind the scenes crazy shit!

Fans of Edguy’s recent work will of course love this CD and DVD. For those into 80’s hard rock/heavy metal and glam metal, you will also find something of interest with Edguy. I recommend you check out HELLFIRE CLUB after which you’d do well to check out MANDRAKE and SUPERHEROES before digging into Edguy’s strong back-catalog.


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Track Listing:
Superheroes CD

01. Superheroes
02. Spooks In The Attic
03. Blessing in Disguise
04. Judas At The Opera*
05. The Spirit
06. Superheroes (Epic Version)

*Special guest: Michael Kiske

Superheroes DVD

– Superheroes videoclip
– Intro – Live in Brazil
– Mysteria – Live in Brazil
– Under The Moon – Live in Brazil
– Navigator – Live in Brazil
– Edguy – The Road Movie
– Studio Documentary
– The Making of the Video Clip
– Slideshow

Technical Details:
Format Reviewed:
Run Time:
Production Year: 2005




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