Ares Kingdom – Return To Dust

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Reviewed: November 2005
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I bet many of you can still remember Order From Chaos hailing from Kansas City; that relentless band that released a bunch of very unique, raw and filthy sounding Thrash/Death Metal albums in the beginning of the ´90s and ceased to exist around in the mid of that particular decade. However, the band´s main song writer, Chuck Keller, never stopped creating music. Instead, he formed his project band, Vulpecula; also contributing lyrics for such bands as Nepenthe, Pentacle, Barbatos, etc.

Ares Kingdom is Chuck´s latest ´baby´ in his long musical career which was started out with another ex-Order From Chaos -fame Mike Miller on drums. Already having one official demo and one E.P. behind them, the band decided to put out a special 2-song CD-R titled RETURN TO DUST on their own – kind of an appetizer of what could be expected from the band´s forth-coming full-length album titled A DREAM OF ARMAGEDDON on Nuclear War Now! Productions, due out in Spring 2006.

The two songs being featured for this 2-track promotional release, \”Failsafe\” and \”A Dream of Armageddon\” are both rough mixes, but clearly show the true potential of Ares Kingdom. The music pays a lot of homage to the old school Thrash Metal, having this somewhat blackish -flavor stamped all over it; sounding filthy, hateful, catchy and way appealing if blackish sounding Thrash Metal is your cup of coffee. Actually this 2-track CD-R works out as a real fine promotional thing for Ares Kingdom as the band has wisely chosen both one a bit faster tempo song (\”Failsafe\” that is) – and one mid-paced, kinda epic song (\”A Dream of Armageddon\”) for this promotional release (which clocks in at 8:28 min mark – now that is just… WOW!). Both songs sound truly promising in terms of Ares Kingdom´s ability to keep their stuff varied and thorougly interesting, so it goes basically without saying that I for one already have relatively high expectations toward the band´s debut album when I´m finally able to hear the whole thing from the beginning to the end, I mean if these two particular songs on this promotional release are anything to go by.

Let´s just hope Ares Kingdom will do the same what Pete Helmkamp (ex-vocalist of Order From Chaos) did when forming Angel Corpse, establishing its name amongst the cultivated metal community in no time. I\’m hungry for hearing some more stuff from them as these two new songs on this special promo rule immensely. Just hear me… and believe me!! \\,,/


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Track Listing:
01. Failsafe
02. A Dream of Armageddon

Alex Blume – Vocals
Chuck Keller – Guitars
Doug Overbay – Bass
Mike Miller – Drums