Am I Blood – The Truth Inside The Dying Sun

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Reviewed: November 2005
Released: 2005, A1Metal
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

So, still looking for THAT special sound of Metallica which left the Metallica -camp after their so-called ´Black Album´; when the band started exploring and venturing toward totally different (non-)musical territories? If you think Metallica just cannot please you and you are still longing for that ´very special sound´ of these metal giants, then look no further as there´s still Am I Blood left coming from Finland that have well understood and adopted the sound from where Metallica left off 14 years ago.

For me personally THE TRUTH INSIDE THE DYING SUN is a great album, reminding me of quite a lot of Metallica´s best era; the era from 1983 up to 1991 when I was eagerly waiting for new albums from these 4 horsemen. Hearing LOAD from the Metallica -bunch in 1996, literally killed my interest toward the band totally – and since then there unfortunately has been no Metallica for me for many years. So I found Am I Blood´s new album a very welcomed breath of the old days of Metallica for me.

But yeah, THE TRUTH OF THE DYING SUN is a pure Metallica -worshipping into vein of AND JUSTICE/BLACK -albums, just no more – no less. The riffs, rhythms, solos, etc. – simply everything has been done by obeying the notebooks of Metallica, and especially by obeying those two recently mentioned albums a couple of lines above. Also, Janne Kerminen just couldn´t possibly sound more of an younger version from Mr. Hetfield. The way he uses his voice; the tone of it and all, make you sort of automatically think whether it really is James, hiding behind some weird Finnish-or-whatever name. Janne´s vocal parts are truly identical to Mr. Hetfield´s; you just have to listen to them to believe this. Try f.ex. such songs as \”Gone with You\” and \”Supremacy of Failure\” in order to become convinced about this fact with me. Janne is the man… he´s James, or just vice versa.

However, in my opinion at best Am I Blood sounds in such songs as \”The Truth of the Dying Sun\” and \”The One Who Forgives\” that are both relatively heavy, less Metallica -orientated songs structure-wise, but still containing so much mandatory and strong musical bits from Metallica in both of them that trying to avoid comparing these particular tracks to Metallica, turns out be such an impossible task.

I almost would like to spit out by saying: \”Thank you Am I Blood for being so highly unoriginal yet uninnovative and ripping off Metallica so shamelessly and cleverly…\”, but I guess by nailing it down that way wouldn´t serve anyone´s interests really. But I´m glad that there´s still at least a handful of bands doing this, almost an abandoned and forgotten style (German Perzonal War being one of those bands!) – call it Metallica´s butt-kissing or whatever, but Am I Blood have done a really respectable job in it, and they openly just need to be credited as the best Metallica -tribute band on earth. So thank you Am I Blood for being and sounding the way you do. And where the hell do we need Metallica for from now on?


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Track Listing:
01. War of My Misery
02. Gone with You
03. Lies Wrote Mysteries
04. The Truth Inside the Dying Sun
05. Painful Ignorance
06. The Saddest Grief
07. Struggle in Disarray
08. The One Who Forgives
09. Supremacy of Failure
10. Collapse of Ritual Belief

Max Karling – Guitar
Janne Kerminen – Vocals
Ilves – Guitar
Toni Grönroos – Bass
Pekka Sauvolainen – Drums