Dope – American Apathy

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American Apathy
2005, Artemis Records
Rating: 2/5

Edsel Dope and company return with AMERICAN APATHY on Artemis Records. I’m willing to bet that the Dope Army will be out in full force to support this disc and subsequent tour.

The first single off this disc “Always” is clearly the strongest track recorded. It has some great guitar work and drumming. Unlike the majority of the album this track is not saturated with computerized programming. You can tell that Edsel has a pretty decent voice if he wanted to use it and the disc would be that much better for it. The rest of this disc is pretty much filled out with angry industrial vocals, music and effects.

This is  a release for fans of industrial acts like NIN and Ministry.
“Always”, “Sex Machine” and a cover of Depeche Mode’s “People Are People” are the best tracks on here.