Adrian Belew – Side Two

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Adrian Belew
Side Two

2005, Sanctuary Records

Adrian Belew: guitarist and musician extraordinaire. This man’s musical knowledge and talent is hard to surpass, he’s probably forgotten more than most will ever know.

This largely instrumental album is a musician’s dream. The vocals are kept to a minimum and the music does the talking.. The guitar work is nothing short of amazing with its progressive overtones, very technical playing. There are subtle hints of blues and soul squeezed into the songs as well to give the listener an unique listening experience instead of one type of music per track. On the song “Sex Nerve” Adrian gives us that middle eastern feel similar to allot of George Harrison songs from the 70’s. Fans of Progressive music of yesteryear will appreciate this release because of the top rate musicianship and song writing. “Face To Face” and “Quicksand” are the most enjoyable for the casual listener, while the song “Dead Dog On Ashphalt”    is definitely the stand out track on this cd and a great opening track to set you on a musical journey.

Dead Dog on Asphalt
I Wish I Knew
Face to Face
Sex Nerve
Then What
I Know Now