Motörhead : 10th of October 2005 Helsinki Finland

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The 10th of October 2005

Cable Factory

Helsinki Finland

Pics and review by Arto Lehtinen

The legendary Motorhead have always had a loyal and even fanatical fanbase here in Finland, as these British motorheads led by icon himself Lemmy have constantly visited Finland(By the way did our readers know NO SLEEP AT ALL has been recorded in Finland 1988 ?) since the early days of the 80?s when the band used to have a wild reputation for being party animals. Gone are those days when the trio used to trash hotel rooms and arrange quite boozing oriented parties. All in all it is exact 30 years since the birth of one of the most important bands on the metal and rock map namely Motorhead. Lemmy has ridden thru several decades facing up and down hills on his long career, but however gained a monumental institutional status amongst the metal and rock fans around the world.

The latest motor output INFERNO was somewhat excellent slap presenting the guaranted sounds of the pure Motorhead. Since the album came out the trio has been on the road criss crossing the world the whole time. It was quite expected to have two particular dates in Finland as booked to both Helsinki and Tampere, so it was obvious the fanatical Finnish Motorhead diggers must have got a very priliveged  opportunity of witnessing Lemmy on the stage again. As a matter of fact Motorhead could have easily had the third date booked as the demand was absolutely huge.

The date for Helsinki was totally sold out when over 2000 people crawled to the Cable Factory. It was quite interesting to pay attention to the audience as there were both young kids and of course the older fat and balded middle aged men having come to salute their own childhood heroes. And of course a lot of gang members from separate motorbike clubs like Hell?s Angels and their own arch enemies which had arrived with their own iron horses. Fortunately they realized to keep a solid distance from each other without having an essential shoot in the back battlefield.

Anyway even though Motorhead is claimed to be the loudest band on the earth, but the Cable Factory and its eccentric catacomb construction doesn?t give full rights for the maximun soundpolicy for Motorhead at all as the sounds echoed in the long narrow hall of the Cable Factory in a real nasty way that some people had to protect their ears from vicious echoes and that looked definitely a kind of amusing at the Motorhead show when the band is known for having thunderous massive and above all loud soundworlds. Besides the temperature in the catacomb of  the ancient factory was incredible terrible as reaching the inhuman hot and hell atmosphere.

The band doesn?t have and rely on any extra tricks and jokes on the stage as Lemmy and Phil in the wake just get on the stage and unleash the first notes roaring from monitors, the whole sold out Cable Factory was like in one hell of an orgasmatron thru the next 90 minutes. Mikkey Dee is one hell of a drummer to tell the truth. The man?s passion to beat the shit out of his drums is nothing but amirable. His passion to beating the toms went beyond so hard causing one of toms got fucked up and had to be changed in the middle of the set as it couldn?t last Dee?s thunderous beating. It has been written and said in several other live reviews of Motorhead in Metal-Rules.Com before that Dee?s driving force has brought more intensity and speed to the sounds of the world of Motorhead.

Even though Motorhead is on their 30th anniversary crusade taking the murder show all around, but however the night?s set list had been built to have an equal balance of both old and new material from several albums and of course the mandatory drum solo by the Swedish drumming mean machine as his solo performance during Sacrifice really proves his important status in the Motorhead rank. A surprising lot of new songs got aired during the 90 minute inferno and of course a plenty of immortal Motorhead evergreen classics for example : Dr Rock, In The Name Of Tragedy, Going To Brazil, I Got Mine, R.A.M.O.N.E.S Whorehouse Blues and finally Iron Fist, Overkil and Aces Of Spades which are the part of the mandatory Mot?rhead setlist indeed. Moa Holmsten of Meldrum came out to do the back vocals for Killed By Death, well Lemmy couldn’t take eyes off from the butt of the swedish lady it was so obvious when he kept staring at it – Funny. Though the tracklist keeps changing more or less, but one thing is an absolute sure that  doesn?t get changed ever, namely the huge backdrop Motorhead skull as it is always there if you happen to go to witness Motorhead.

The band was in a real good strike as always, well what else you can expect from Motorhead ?!  Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey never let down on the stage, the sounds, classic Motorhead songs and above all Lemmy?s strong charisma definitely quarantee an awesome Motorhead show?

Dr. Rock
Stay Clean
Love Me Like A Reptile
Over The Top No Class
I Got Mine
In the Name Of Tragedy
Dancing On Your Grave
Fast And Loose
Just ?Cos You Got The Power That Don?t Mean You Got The Right
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death
Iron Fist
Whorehouse Blues
Ace Of Spades




The official Motorhead site : MOT?RHEAD

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