Ric Ocasek – Nexterday

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Ric Ocasek

2005, Inverse Records/Sanctuary

The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek returns with an interesting collection of new material. With his distinctive vocals that were such an intergral part of his formers band?s success it is hard not to have this and any subsequent releases compared to his previous band. If you can get past the comparisons this is a solid effort that stands well on it?s own. Not too far removed from the material he made with The Cars: NEXTERDAY is filled with catchy tunes that are heavily 80?s inspired without sounding dated.

There is some great use of programming and keyboards on ?Bottom Dollar? which in places reminds you of the song ?Tonight She Comes?. Being the leader in The Cars it is quite difficult for him to get past it. Unfortunatly there is very little guitar on this album and what is there is hidden in the background and not the main focus of the songs. Ric tends to let the lyrics and melody take center stage rather than guitar, drums and bass. While these are still part of the recording they are not up in the mix.

All in all it?s a great record and will definitely be high up there on the list of this years favourites. This is the best new 80?s album to come out in years. A classic.