Roxie 77 – Peace, Love & Armageddon

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Roxie 77
Peace, Love & Armegeddon
Released: Wax-Tone Records, 2005
Rating: 5/5


For any of you that have no idea who this is; it is Ryan Roxie. He is guitar player extraordinaire for Alice Cooper and he?s appeared on many great albums and tributes over the past several years. Ryan is one of the best newer guitarists to hit the stage in the past several years. I say newer because there hasn?t been allot of fantastic and stand out players to come along in recent years.

All 11 tracks on this disc are first-rate and deserve to be heard. It is a solid Rock album from start to finish and contains everything you?d ever want from a release. It has great rockers, mellow ballads and catchy mid tempo tunes. The guitar work is top notch and much to my surprise Roxie handles the vocals on this and proves to listeners that he can stand his own with the best of them, even seasoned veterans.

From the opening chords of ?Bustin? Out? this upbeat rocker kicks it into overdrive with crunchy guitar and hard hitting drums. The chorus is quite catchy and its melody just sticks in your head all day long. The disc slows down a small bit for ?On The Way Down? which shows a bit softer side to Ryan with his vocals that have a slight soul feel to them. It got a real personal feel to them. It?s back up a couple notches for the next track that has some really cool background vocals and leads by Miss Julie. She sounds very much like Sass Jordan in places off her RATS album. The harmony vocals by Roxie and Julie are stunning. Their voices compliment each other perfectly. A match made in RnR Heaven. Another great ballad on the offering is ?Simple Plan? with its clean guitar sound and very melodic bass. This features more heartfelt emotion from Roxie. It seems almost autobiographical with its lyrics and just the way he expresses himself on it. The disc ends on an upbeat note with ?One More Day? which is probably the heaviest track on the record. The distorted guitar, the hard hitting drums and a super low throbbing bass sound all make this one ass kicking track.

This is one disc that is all killer and no filler. Like Ryan says?.?All Is Rock? and this holds true for this release.

Bustin? Out
My Girlfriend
Second Chances
Control Freak
On The Way Down
Beat ?Em
Love Is War
Traci (the Unbelievable Truth)
Simple Plan
What Kind of Life
One More Day

Ryan Roxie ? Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jeff Morose ? Bass, Backing Vocals
Mike Fasano ? Drums, Gong
Dan Myers ? Piano, Sound Design, Backing Vocals
Teddy Zig Zag ? Vintage Keys, Backing Vocals