TurboNegro – Helsinki, Finland

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Tavastia Club Helsinki Finland
16th of September 2005

Live Review and Pics by Arto Lehtinen

When speaking of the Norwegian hard rock, or in general the local metal genre, it is more than obvious that several black metal names usually pop up in the discussion amongst metalheads. When mentioning the TurboNegro name to the most puritanist metal freaks, their hair usually rises up and they usually start seeing red in their eyes. The Norwegian party animals have got a good solid promotion help even from the former Jackass dude Bam Margera who had invited TurboNegro to play on his own TV-show some time ago and they have got the amazing recognition from several wellknown bands as well. The band?s new output PARTY ANIMAL has been hanging on the several album charts around Europe.

Well the Norwegian denim demons finally managed to arrive at Helsinki for the first time ever although the six-piece rockers have occasionally visited Finland by playing several festivals during the last few years and gained a huge following all around Finland as these famous TurboJugend fanclubs have been formed. Both nights of their appearance here were booked at the prestigious Tavastia club and were totally sold out. It was kinda eccentric to see a whole bunch of people dressed in the mandatory TurboNegro dress-code, seen from a metalhead?s point of view, being tight and above all stone-washed denim jackets and especially the typical trademark white sailor hat that Happy Tom usually wears.

When Negros arrived on the stage, some smart ass from the audience got the damn brilliant idea to throw the beer to the photopit. Then that same person in question got a passionate erection about seeing Hank Von Helvete and companies on the stage and threw his beer into the photopit. Of course the first song was missed because of wiping the beer away from the camera. However Hank From Helvete was definitely a real impressive sight as the band?s character frontman had obtained a weird looking harness or whatever odd looking suspenders which were tied around the ample size of the man?s belly. Happy Tom had the typical sailor man?s dress-code with the wellknown sailor hat on his head and both the guitarist had the stage clothes of their own of course

When the opening song called ?All My Friends? off from the band new album ?Party Animal?  burst out of loudspeakers, the whole packed Tavastia club went entirely beserk. TurboNegro continued their hard rockish firework by delivering a plenty of catchy and ass kicking songs. For obvious reasons the newer songs of their latest output were in the dominating role of the night?s set, but of course several well known tunes like “Fuck The World” caused an expected ballistic reaction amongst the wild audience who kept singing songs even louder and beyond the huge volume level. The pressure on the floor was tremendous as people kept pushing each other to several directions and even some kind of moshpit started out in the middle of the gig. Sweaty sailor hats flew all around and the atmosphere in the Tavastia Club reached hotter than hell feeling.


It has to be admitted Hank Von Helvete is one hell of a funny as well as a character frontman on the stage by amusing the Finnish crowd by talking all kinds of non-sense crap like praising us Finn faggots and encouraged the crowd to shout Suck My Dick in Finnish and was followed by a song “Blow Me” from their latest output. Of course no one can take those funny statements seriously as those kinds of phrases and sentences are the part of the TurboNegro show and Hank?s eccentric way to entertain the local crowd by using his black sense of humour.

The band was damn tight and TurboNegro aren?t known for standing in one spot during the whole show. Instead the band was literally on fire and especially Happy Tom and both guitarists kept moving around the stage all the time. The show was carried out with normal big world rock clich?s like shooting the fake money to the audience and then before the show was over and a couple of dozens of balloons were dropped from the roof. And when the last song of the night “Final Warning” cut the air the whole packed club went once again totally apeshit.

After the ass kicking gig by the Norwegian denim demons, the finnish Turbojugends were entirely wasted and definitely were ready for some darkness in the Helsinki night?  Hopefully Negros will be doing more gigs in Finland, but at the moment the demand is so huge all around the world toward TubroNegro that the band will spend spend the next year gigging all around for sure..

All My Friends
Death Time
Back From Dungafree High
Sell Your Body
Blow Me
Self Destruct Bust
Bad Mongo
Mother Fucker
City Of Satan
Get It On
Wasted Again
Ride With Us
Fuck The World
Prince Of The Rodeo
The Age Of Pamparius
Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)
High On Crime
I Got Erection
Final Warning