Bret Michaels – Freedom of Sound

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Bret Michaels – Freedom of Sound
Released: 2005, Poor Boy Records
Rating: 4/5


Poison front man Bret Michaels returns with a follow-up to 2003?s SONGS OF LIFE. This time around the songs are a little more country and less rock n roll. This does not mean the songs don?t rock and kick some ass, it just means they are a bit different than what you?d expect from Bret. This is not your Pappy?s cryin? in my beer country of yesteryear.

The disc kicks off with the upbeat ?Rock ?n My Country? that pays tribute to some of Michaels? influences. True to it?s title this is rocker has a slight southern country influence to it. Similar in vein to ?Honky Tonk Women? by The Stones.

?Driven? features some great guitar work that could easily pass for a Poison track. The guitar mix is a little low and the vocals high which is a shame as the playing is really great.

?Open Road? is the type of song that you?d expect to hear on the country drenched album. Features some interesting steel guitar and in typical Bret fashion the lyrics tell of a positive story which is not usually the case in most of today?s lyrics. Bret is an excellent storyteller and songwriter and it clearly shows on this track.

?All I Ever Needed? is the ?Every Rose? of the new millennium. Mr. Michaels duets with Jessica Andrews on this incredible ballad. Their voices compliment each other amazingly. This is probably the best love song/ballad that Bret has ever written.

?New Breed Of American Cowboy? brings it back to the country influence. A good mid tempo rocker with a great beat. Nice clean sounding guitar work.

?Right Now, Right Here? Very bass heavy intro that makes you think the whole track is a super heavy tune. Great rock tune with a catchy chorus. Clearly it could be a Poison track from the last cd.

?Lookin? For A Good Time? A bass heavy foot stompin? upbeat song with some really cool acoustic guitar work. Great rock tune with a catchy chorus. Clearly it could be a Poison track from the last cd. It got that feel good, party vibe to it.

?It?s All Good? features another great storyline. A mid tempo rock song. Great rhythm and catchy bass line.

?Every Rose ?Country Version? ? Not to far a cry from the original. Not much difference just slightly more countrified. The rest of the cd is rounded out by tracks from his previous releases.

This whole package shows what makes up Bret Michaels, from ballads to blues rock to country.

Rock ‘n My Country
Open Road
All I Ever Needed
New Breed of American Cowboy
Right Now, Right Here
Lookin’ for a Good Time
It’s All Good
Every Rose “Country Version”
Bittersweet (Songs Of Life)
Raine w/Edwin McCain (Songs Of Life)
Menace To Society (Songs Of Life)
Walk Away (Ballads Blues & Stories)
Something To Believe In (Ballads Blues & Stories)
Future Ex-Wife (Country Demos)
The One You Get (Country Demos)
Human Zoo (A Letter From Death Row)
Last Breath (A Letter From Death Row)