Alice Cooper with special guests Cheap Trick

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Alice Cooper with special guests Cheap Trick
Review and pictures by Celtic Bob

While standing in line shortly after I arrived at The Docks we see Eric Singer standing away from the crowd up by a door to the venue talking to a few people. Next thing we see is Ryan Roxie walking toward us, he says hello as he passes by at which time I thank him for the guest pass for the after show that he set up for me.

Once inside I realize this is a decent size club but a strange location for a concert of this stature. I make my way to the ?Swag? area and get a Cheap Trick shirt and an Alice one. Pretty soon the lights start to dim?.It?s Showtime!!!!!!

The lights go out, a spotlight hits the stage, people are chanting ?Cheap Trick, Cheap Trick?? when out from behind the stage walks Tommy Lee (M?tley Cr?e). The place goes nuclear. Tommy intros Cheap Trick as ?My favorite band in the whole world?. What a way to start off a show.

The band hits the stage and does ALL their classic songs as well as a couple off their last studio album SPECIAL ONE. I swear that this is one band that don?t age at all and they just get better with time.

Robin Zander?s vocals were just as strong as they were back in the day, if not better. This guy still has it, and shows no sign of ever losing it. Tom Peterson handled the vocals on ?I Know What I Want? and did an excellent job on it, I don?t know why he don?t sing more songs. Neilson was his ?Normal? self with constant changing of guitars and tossing pics to the fans. The energy they put into their live show is nothing to be reckoned with. Most of today?s newer bands don?t have half the energy that Cheap Trick has, let alone the talent to rival them. This is one Grade A class act that will never disappoint.




Alice Cooper

The godfather of ?Shock Rock? takes the stage next and the place goes wild. As usual Alice mixes a bit of old with the new and tosses in a couple of obscurities for good measure. It?s clear to see that he has mastered his craft and takes total control and the audience is mesmerized.

As per usual the stage is filled with props; everything from garbage cans to crutches, in typical Alice style. Back this time around is a guillotine which is brought out later in the set and we get to see him be-headed again.

One of the greatest surprises musically was an ?Acoustic? set. This was a first for Alice and Co. Alice pulls up a garbage can and sits down and just sings as the band goes Acoustic. His daughter Calico was part of the act again this year. From having her father in a straight jacket during ?The Ballad of Dwight Fry? to being a ?Hollywood Bimbo? during ?I Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills?. She truly adds to the spectacle.

Apart from the theatrics the band was spot on musically. This is probably the best line-up he?s had since the original back in the 70?s. There is no denying Roxie?s guitar playing. This is one of the best players out there today. He is a great showman and an excellent player. His onstage performance is top notch and very professional, definitely an excellent individual to have in the band. Even though he?s playing songs written some 20 to 30 years ago he still manages to add a little piece of himself in there to freshen them up for the new millennium without altering the original. Drummer Eric Singer and Bassist Chuck Garric add that solid backbeat that just keeps pounding during the classic anthems. Eric is definitely a great showman up behind the kit but still never misses a beat and seems to be having the time of his life doing it.

No matter how old Alice gets or how many times you see the show you WILL have a great time. It never gets old or boring and new bands today could learn allot from people like Alice. He is truly one of the greats and cannot be matched. Alice Cooper is in a league of his own. A true artist in every way possible.

Phantom Of the Opera intro Tape
Department Of Youth (part)
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Dirty Diamonds
Billion Dollar Babies
Be My Lover
Lost In America
I Never Cry
Woman Of Mass Distraction
Between High School and Old School
Sunset Babies
Is It My Body
Go To Hell
Black Widow Jam (Inc. Drum solo)
Feed My Frankenstein
Welcome To My Nightmare
“The Piece” (Includes The Awakening / Steven / Only Women Bleed / Steven / Ballad Of Dwight Fry / Killer)
I Love The Dead (Band vocal only)
School’s Out
Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills
Under My Wheels

Thanks to Chris at NewWest Records and to Ryan Roxie.


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