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Crucified Barbara being the female band hailing from Sweden is a damn interesting combo playing the catchy hard rock stuff with some punkish elements tied up. The debut album ?IN DISTORTION WE TRUST? is an excellent piece of the great rocking material indeed. Even though the Swedish Metal-Rules.Com contributor recently interviewed the vocalist of Crucified Barbara Mia Coldheart, however it was the turn of the band?s bassist Ida EvilEye to tell a little bit more about the band and tours? Enjoy

God Morgen eller Kvallen, hur m?r ni/du ?!?

God kv?ll!! I’m  great actually, just came home after rehearsing and feeling exited about a new song that we’re working on right now!

As far as I have understand right you have had a damn hectic summer as according to your tour dates you seem to play in all kinds of places and still have a plenty of booked gigs coming up, don?t you get exhausted or tired of being on the road all the time somewhere in Sweden or elsewhere or are you more than eager to play as much as possible ?!

We love being on tour!!! It’s what we live for! The only problem is that some of us, including me have part time jobs. I don’t think I’ve slept for the last 6 months!! I just wanna play even more so that I can stop working!

While watching you on the stage at Swedenrock it crossed my mind that the stuff of Crucified Barbara would definitely suit better to club environments where the band could achieve the better contact to their audience. But do you prefer these kinds of huge outdoor festivals to indoor small sweaty and smoky club gigs ?!

We like both! Sweden rock and other outdoor festival are so fun because of the audience is always in a real good mood and it’s a great feeling to be able to move around a lot on a big stage like that! Club gigs are cool cause you often have time to do a real soundcheck and you get a different contact with the fans cause as it’s more intimate! But I prefer bigger stages, I like to jump around!!

I can?t help asking for which bands have you opened up ?!

We haven’t done that many opening shows but this spring we played as an opening act for Pain (peter from hypocrisy’s band) on their Sweden tour. That was great!

When surfing all around in your website I noticed you have constantly done gigs in France, is France a strong marketing area for Crucified Barbara, cos I would have assumed Germany would have been a better place for a band like Crucified Barbara ?!

We’ve had a great response in France which as you say is quite unexpected cause you don’t think of France as a big country for hardrock but it’s actually a lot of people listen to that kind of music there. It also helped that we have a very good promoter and a hardworking record company over there. But of course we’ll play in Germany soon too!



IN  DISTORTION WE TRUST brings some obvious connotations to anyone hearing that title and thinking you may have borrowed the In God We Trust slogan and a little bit changed for the album?s title. Am I completely wrong when speaking about that famous slogan involved in the album?s title ?! Does the album?s title reflect your own life in some way ?!

It reflect our lives most definetly but only in the perspect that we always like a lot of distortion! You just can’t get enough of it!

The stuff on the debut CB album is damn ass kicking ..hmmm.. this may sound funny from your point of view.. hard rocking stuff with punkish elements? Do you usually create and compose a song that would fit to the soundworld of Crucified Barbara, do you have a certain formula how a new song is supposed to sound like, how does a CB song get taken shape after all ?!

We don’t have a certain shape that we write songs after we just play what we think sounds cool. If that is more punkrock or hardrock dosen’t really matter as long as we like it. Normally we start off with a riff and arrange it all together and then we write a melody that fits so we almost do everything together when we reherse.

Was the creation process of the songs of the debut album an easy job for you to come up catchy tunes, did they come all long in the natural way in the stage of the composing and writing, were these songs any old, like already done in the years ago or newer ones ?!

Until two moths before recordning the album we had another singer so when Mia took over the vocals we had to rearrange all the songs to make them fit her way of singing. That was a very stressful time and everything wasn’t ready when we went into the studio. We got some arrangements help from our wonderful producer Mankan Sedenberg to make the songs even better which was great. Some of the songs on the album are quite old but in a new version on some are pure new.

I downloaded the Rock?n?Roll Bachelor video clip from your official and noticed Mikkey Dee jumped in to the drummer?s slot playing some parts of that song and then you have done the version of your own of Motorhead?s classic song ?Killed By Death?, so I can?t help asking what kind of impact and influence Motorhead have on Cruficied Barbara, how much do you ladle influences from them to your own music and songs and in general are you able to point out certain bands having had a huge influential impact on your music ?!

We really like mot?rhead but it was just a coincidence that Mickey D appeared in the video. We played rock in roll bachelor in a Swedish tv show and he was there as a guest so we thought it would be fun if he played and the last courus since it was playback. Which always is kind of corny!!

Now afterwards thinking and listening to the debut, are/were you fully satisfied with the result achieved in the studio, are you able to find some things which could have been improved and made better from your point of view ?!

Of course there’s some things that we’d like to change but in a big perspective we’re really satisfied with the sound. One thing that we’ll change on the next album is to have a bit more “dirty” sound and not as clean as “IN DISTORTION WE TRUST”.

As for the lyrics?hmm first off who is the main lyricwriter of the band ?!

Mia Coldheart does most of the lyrics.

Where do you usually find topics to pen about in your lyrics ?! How much do you use your own life and experience as the main inspiration for lyrics ?!

The lyrics is almost olny about our experiences in life and what we think about things!

Hmm Motorfucker?. Interesting ? Are you racing maniacs haha?!

We really like motorcycles and bikers and we’ve played at a lot of motorcycle clubs!! They’re always the nicest guys and they take really good care of us!

Bad hangover? Do you often suffer from the bad hangover hah ?!


Do you view the recording experience of IN DISTORTION WE TRUST gave a good learning experience for you how you could make things better for the second effort ?!

Absolutely! Everybody has learnt so much which will be a good help and writing and recordning the next album.

Speaking of the second CB album, could you unveil a little bit about the upcoming new stuff that if it will carry on in the same way as on the debut album, are you going to explore new rockish/punkish  ?!

I can say that those who like hardrock and heavy metal won’t be disappointed!

Have you already scheduled the official publishing date of the second CB album ?!




GMR has put a lot of effort and advertised and kept the noise about CB in Sweden  a damn lot even I for one have seen you on some TV programs on the Swedish TV and in general you have been covered by several magazines and been on the radio so on. But do you personally find this media hype some could be sort of risk for your future and career because everyone is now eager and willing to get you everywhere, but when you get the second album out, then the whole hype phenomenon could be gone and no-one cares about CB any longer ?!

I  think it’s a good thing that we’ve had a lot of attention now cause when we release our second album we hopefully already have a lot of fans and are able to get even more. Also people already know about our name!!

Sweden has a real long tradition in the hard rock/glam/sleeze or whatever garage rock and a number of successful rock bands like of course Hellacopters, Backyard Babies etc..etc. have all paved the path for other younger bands playing the stuff of the same kind. Was it kinda easy for new bands like CB to get a deal and have good PR people on the background to push the band forward ?!

As you just said there’s a lot of good Swedish band which makes the competition of media attention and also the competition of getting your record out much harder. At the same time it’s always good to be a band from Sweden when you played in other countries cause people really respects you!

How much have you visited and played on the Swedish TV and what kind of shows anyway ?!

We’ve done some tv appearances for almost all Swedish TV channels, both playing and figurating in different reports.

Hmmm? How do you view the media and the big audience would pay more attention to the band and your image easier because of the way how you look and your image and to be honest with you,  because of you are girls ?!

Hard question cause we’re girls as you said so we don’t know what the response would be like if we were boys! Of course it has helped us to get more media attention since we’re an all female band but it also feels like we have to prove even more cause there is still in 2005 people (most guys) who don?t believe that we really can play! I also think we get a lot a attention because of the way we look but that happens to all bands that has good looking members….haha, just joking!

I am pretty much sure you will hate me for this question, but let?s try anyway, The Donnas have gained massive success all around in The States and of course here Europe. Presumably it may be easier for the press people to start comparing these two bands to each other but would you tear your leather pants apart and get freaked up if Crucified Barbara were compared 
to The Donnas, I mean it is kinda easiest way to compare two bands ?!

Yes, I would rip my leather pants!! Haha, no! But comparing us to the Donnas would be only made by a stupid person who doesn’t listen to the music and does cause the only thing what we have the common is that we both play some kind of rock which thousands of bands do but the reason you think of is the fact that we’re both all female bands, am I right?
And has nothing to do with music!! Don’t you think?



When speaking of your background, as far as I know you have never ever played in any band before, but Ida, how come did you pick the bass instead of a guitar and what made you play the music in the first place ?! Did your parents grow you up to hard rock/metal ?!

I met Klara when I was a bored 14-year old teenager with nothing to do. I used to hang out at a youth “centre”in school every night and I tried to lear who to play the bass cause I really believed it was the coolest instrument. Then Klara played with her grunge band there one night and it was love at first sight so I joined the band. I didn’t really get any response from my parents and I never have until just recently, now my mom is crazy about us!

As far as I know vocalist Mia has a strong punk back ground, does her attitude and point of view bring any vibes to the music as well as the lyrical wise of the band ?!

Mia has a heavy metal background and it’s the other three of us that has more punkrock roots actually! When she joined the band the sound got heavier and more towords hardrock!

Mia also handles the guitar while singing, does that bring any problems to her, I mean if it is complicated to focus on both singing and keeping an eye on the guitar playing ?!

I think she manages it really well but of course it would be better if she could focus more on the vocals sometimes. That is an arrangement issue which only will get better. But she can never stop playing her beautiful solos!

What kind of background do Klara and Nicki have in the music before teaming up with you in Crucified Barbara ?!

Nicki played some heavy drums in a harcore band and as I said before Klara and me had a grunge band in the 90’s!

All of you have very interesting nicknames, Klara Force, Mia Coldheart, Nicki Wicked and of course Ida Evil Eye, where and how did you make up those names and do those nick names describe your personalities in some way ?!

Hehe, That’s a secret! Let’s just say it makes everything a bit funnier!



What shall CB do in the near future ?! Gigs, gigs presumably ?!

We’ll go to Belgium tomorrow and then France again! After that some gigs in Sweden and the rest of the world hopefully!!!

All right Tack S? Mycket? I hope you enjoyed the interview somehow. So it is about time to conclude the interview by letting you say and write the last words? Tack igen !

Kiitos!! Is that how to spell it? Thank you very much anyway!!! And to you hardrockers: Stay cool!!!!!!

*** Thanks to Jeanette Andersson from GMR Music  for arranging the interview.

*** Remember to visit The Official Crucified Barbara site and their Swedish record label GMR Music