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Interviewed by Anders Sandvall
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The American melodic rock singer Robin Beck is now back with her new album DO YOU MISS ME. Her last album CAN?T GET OFF came back in 1994 and I decided to check out what Robin has been up to until now. She?s  maybe most known for the masses for the Coca-Cola theme tune ?First time? but she has also done what?s considered to be one of the best  female melodic rock album ever TROUBLE OR NOTHING from 1989.


Hi Robin, well I start off right away by asking you to tell the readers a bit about yourself, who you are and what you have done within the music business until today?

Hi Anders, I have been in the biz for all of my life.. I started with a local band in Daytona Beach Fla. when I was 16  and went on to do many things, writing, performing, recording, producing, touring, booking and managing. Since trouble or Nothing, I have continued to do all of these except for being in a local band. To add to your question, I got married and had a child with one of the worlds greatest rock singers, James Christian. I now have a daughter 8 years old and there are more music projects in my life then any other time before. I am in the process of putting together a Best of and DVD set for next year and working on the new House Of Lord project with James Christian.


What do you think of your earlier solo albums today, who have the legal rights to those albums?

I loved them all!  They all reflected a time in my life when they were recorded. As far as the legal rights, that’s a question that has no easy answer. But I will be able to do what I want with all the music at a certain point in time.


Are your solo albums available today and do you have any plans on re-releasing them?

Yes of course. In fact you can visit my Website at and have a look around to see what is still available.


You got a massive hit with the Coca-Cola theme tune ?First time? back in 1988, did you ever think that the song was going to be such a success, did that song open a lot of doors for you?

At first, I had no idea… I simply thought it was a great tune for being a spin of of a commercial.  Of course I always think positive when my voice goes on a song that something special will happen because of my talent.  In the end it is certain that a great song and  the right voice at the right time is key to success.  The doors open endlessly and much of it has to do with “First Time”.  It gave everyone a chance to know me and it allowed me to do so much more then I knew it would at the time.


Your last solo album CAN?T GET OFF came in 1994 what did the media and fans think of it?

Well, I think it was possibly too big of a departure from Trouble or nothing or even Human Instinct.  The fans are always right. It had mixed reviews… As more people were listening to my music they came to expect more from me. But the fact remains that the fans loved Trouble or Nothing and that’s  the type of music and sound they like to hear from me… nothing too slick or pretty just Rock and lots if heart.


Have you done a lot of touring through the years on you own I mean?

I started out touring in the very beginning.  Most of my career I spent behind a mic or in a writing room.


Have you toured in Europe or only in the States?

Yes I have toured in Europe as well as the States. But not really as much as I would have liked.


The bio says ?TROUBLE OR NOTHING is still today regarded as one of the best female AOR records ever? what do you think of that? Any comments on that?

I am flattered to death…  I love that record and will always use it as my guide line for my work. It really doesn’t get much better then working with Desmond Child and writers like Diane Warren.  Desmond really broke the mold with “Living on a prayer”.  From that point on everyone was trying to re write like that and my record was stuffed with the original music from the man himself.


What have you been up to when you?re been away from the solo music scene?

Raising my daughter Olivia and working mostly with other artists.


What was it that made you decide to release an album now?

The time felt right to get serious again.  Olivia was old enough to understand the pressure of doing the work and as long as she was OK with it I would be too.  In fact she was the inspiration while I was working .  Often times she would be right there,  kind of producing along with James.


Have you written the material to DO YOU MISS ME by yourself or together with anyone? How long did it take to gather material for the new album?

I didn’t write this material, there was a time factor involved and I had to gather the material much faster than I could write it myself.  It took around 4 months from start to finish.


What are the lyrics about? I think that most of the lyrics are handling the old love theme?

Right again!  I just love to sing about the universal state of mind. It’s all about love.


Why did you call the album DO YOU MISS ME? Any special reason?

Yes!  It was my way to say I miss you too.


In which studio is the album recorded and how long did it take?

From start to finish once the music was collected, it took around 2 1/2 mastering was done in Italy.


What do you think of your new label Frontiers Records? Do you think they have done a good job promoting the album etc?

It’s a bit different then working with a major label…I like the Way they run their label. I think that in many ways they have done a The team is everything and they have a good one.


How many albums are you signed for to Frontiers for?

Only the one.


Do you have any plans on going out on tour now that the album is out? If so which members are there going to be in your band?

I am and the member will be announced on my website. There is a good chance that James will tour with me and be my musical director and producer for a live recording.


Are the album released world-wide? Is there any territory where it?s not released yet?

I believe that the record is released world wide but I am not sure if there are some territories that were not considered.


Do you get a lot of fan mail? What to they write you, is there anything you can reveal?

I used to get more back in the day but still they keep coming. People want to know the same things that you do when it comes to where and when they can see me perform Many welcomed me back to the rock arena and asked me to never leave again. I really have nothing to reveal except my personal feelings, and that is how grateful I am to my fans for keeping  the faith and supporting me.


Where in the world do you think you have the biggest fanbase? 

I believe that would be Germany, Austria and Switzerland… peppered with the U.K. and Spain.


My bio describes your music as being melodic rock, I think that you lean more towards melodic hard rock, now the big question ? how would you describe what kind of music you do?

Right again Anders…Melodic Hard rock.


Do you have any plans or idea when we can expect another album by Robin Beck in the record stores?

Next year I will put another record out with James Christian producing and you can expect a duet with him as well…


Your voice sounds just as good today as it did back in the 80?s, how have you managed to  keep it in such a good shape?

I have no idea!!!!  I feel blessed to still have my voice and to feel just as good when I use it.


Do you have any favourite song on DO YOU MISS ME? If so which one and why?

I loved singing “Your Love Is Tough”, it was a vocal challenge both emotionally and technically. But then “Walk on the Moon” was so lamenting and inspiring that it became one of my favourites along with “Coming Back For More”, just good fun.

Do you know how many albums you have been featured on through the years?

Maybe 5 or 10 that were with other artists. I never really counted.


Finally, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions and is there anything you would like to say to the readers of

Thanks for hanging with me. I miss you! Come visit me at

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