S.O.D., Crowbar, and Skinlab

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S.O.D., Crowbar, and Skinlab

Live at Harpo’s, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Saturday, November 20, 1999
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson



Ah yes, Harpo’s. I hate this place. Not only because it just sucks, but also because the neighborhood it is in is not very safe. I vowed I would never come here again, but here I am! First of all, I am not a fan of Skinlab. I purposely arrived late to miss them. And although I did arrive late, I made it just in time to see them! Great? Well, they were just what I expected: Machine Head clones! “Come on motherfuckers, I want to see this pit go crazy!” It’s talk like that between songs that makes my stomach sour. Just shut up and get on with the goddamn show! I mean, the band performs well, and their stage presence is energetic, but get off the stage and make way!

Next up: Crowbar! Can you get any heavier? These guys are no bullshit, heavy weight, rhinoceros metal! They sounded excellent and played well, performing a mixture of songs from various albums (sorry I cannot pinpoint any certain names here, I’m a newer fan of theirs). It seemed their set was rather short though. One disappointment was a change in drummers. I don’t know who was up there with them, but he did not fit in visually nor functionally. Is this the same person as the goof in Sonic Violence?

S.O.D? By the time they got on stage it was midnight?typical for Harpo’s. I tend to get fed up with this shit hole by this time and unfortunately I start to lose interest in the show. S.O.D. was, well?S.O.D.! Heavy and hilarious! The opening music was “We are the World.” Not just part of the song?the WHOLE THING! Brilliant! They played a large slew of songs, which is no wonder seeing as they’re so short. Billy Milano had nice things to say about Detroit and people in general between songs, which was entertaining. He ripped on us because Detroit’s the home of that loser Kid Rock. Scott was his usual intense-picking and stage-stomping self. Dan Lilker was also his usual self?a living zombie. And Charlie? Man, he totally pounded his ass off tonight. I kept my eye on him most of the night because he was the most entertaining for me, and I really appreciate his skills. S.O.D. almost played their entire first album, which was cool, but I wish they would have concentrated more on the second. They performed ballads of Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Frank Sinatra, Freddy Mercury, and a few others. Glad to hear one for Frank goddamn Sinatra! They also played “6 songs in 9 seconds”. This short bit was a medley of their shortest songs including “Anti-Procrastination Song”, “Momo”, “The Camel Boy”, “Diamonds and Rust”, and two more I couldn’t make out for some reason.

Seeing S.O.D. was cool, but for some reason I just wasn’t as excited as when I first bought my ticket. I am sure part of it had to do with seeing In Flames just a week prior. I mean, can you get any better? (Let me answer that by saying yes: Fantomas). The other part of my un-enthusiastic feelings is Harpo’s. Unless an ultra-metal show comes along, this is the last time I’m going to Harpo’s. It’s just not worth it.