Overkill, Live at JAXX, October 30, 1999

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Overkill, Live at JAXX, October 30, 1999


This was an awesome show! I can honestly say that every band that played the evening was good. 4 local bands opened up the show before Overkill: Oppression, System Demise, Hate the way, and Circle of Nero. A very broad range of styles and influences in the opening acts, which made for a very well balanced show that evening.

Oppression was the first band on that night. I like these guys allot and have reviewed their performance before. They are brutal, and remind me allot of Old School Thrash Metal, something I like quite a bit. The singer has a cool singing style….reminds me allot of early Pantera vocals but a little more “Disgusted” sounding. The singer looks and sounds like he truly is disgusted with society when he sings – I love it! Musically, they use allot of awesome time changes and riffs..going from raging to melodic several times in a song. Kinda like old Iced Earth in some respects. They played “Gridlocked, “In the flesh”, “Beyond the reflection”, “Brutality (my favorite!)” and “The Cycle (another fave of mine). 

System Demise were on next! Man these guys are cool. A definite hardcore influence in them, especially Black Flag and Henry Rollins style mixed with Biohazard. This has to be my favorite local Hardcore band. I don’t know if these guys are “Straight Edge” but they definitely do Hardcore/Metal well. They played “Oxygen”, “Mind Tax”, “Vicious Circle”, “Steppigng Down”, and “Obsolete (my favorite)”.

Hate the Way was on next. Interesting…they had Pumpkins on stage. A good Halloween prop I suppose.  They used the intro music to the film “Halloween” before their set started. This band is extremely down tuned, and had a few mixing problems that evening. The vocals would break up and crackle a few times. Sometimes this club has sound problems (especially with their CD player which is run into the sound board), and that can screw with a bands performance unfortunately. Anyhow, this group had very strong, strained vocals that reminded me allot of Crowbar or Pro-Pain. They played the following songs: “Every Penny”, “Break”, a cover of “Sweet Leaf”, and “Continue”. I did notice there was a big crowd response from this band, but they sounded a little too much like Crowbar for my personal taste.

Circle of Nero went on next. These guys are great. I especially like their drumming, which in my opinion makes this band. This was the evening of their CD release party for “Massive Obliss”. Circle of Nero have vocals like the old singer from Corrosion of Conformity, and musically have a Black Sabbath influence in what they do. They played the following songs” “Church of the Pagan god”, “Mother Doom”, “Massive Obliss”, “Dark side of eternity”, “Walls of pain”, “Thorazine Dream”, and “Moon Quake”. The last 3 were my favorites off their self-released CD.

And, of course, Overkill came on next! These guys definitely can deliver. They started up with “Necroshine”, and used allot of strobe lights during the fast double bass parts. They did this throughout the show  as a cool effect. They played “Where it hurts”, “Revalation”, “Long time dyin”, “Battle”, then “Shred”. Blitz took a break to talk to the crowd next. He said “Were dusting off a few from up in the attic. There is a big difference between living in the past and remembering where you came from. A big fucking difference!”  (This is so true…may bands these days are either rehashing old music or jumping on a bandwagon leaving their roots behind for trends. Overkill does neither.) After which, Blitz explained to us: ” a wise man said religion is for those afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those of us who have already been. This next one is called ‘Spiritual Void'”. What a perfect into to a good song!

Next Overkill played “It Lives”, “E.vil N.ever D.ies”, “Hymn 43 (from Coverkill)”, “Genocyde”, “Rotton to the core (yes!!!)”, “Coma”, “Deny the Cross (another old fave), “Elimination (another one of my favorites), and the standard Overkill closer: Fuck You!!! They end every show with this one.

I encourage all of you readers to go see Overkill live. You will not be disappointed. They play metal the way it was meant to be played: Loud, Fast and MEAN!!!


Thanks to John Gee for this review!